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India/Pakistan Winter Wheat Weather - Jan 29

29 Jan 2017 11:05 pm
Pakistan, North India and Bangladesh 
Highlights: Showers, 0.08-0.47 inch (2-12 mm) and locally heavier, in northern 
and eastern Uttar Pradesh and in Bihar India Friday. Drier elsewhere in the 
region Friday. Mostly dry during the weekend. Temperatures averaged below 
normal west and above normal east Friday. The west turned somewhat warmer while 
the northeast turned somewhat cooler during the weekend. 
 Days 1-3: Slight chance for light showers in far north areas of Pakistan 
Monday, dry elsewhere in the region Monday. Mostly dry Tuesday and Wednesday. 
Temperatures average near to above normal during this period. 
 Days 4-5: Mostly dry or with only a few light showers possible in western and 
northern Pakistan during this period. Temperatures average near to above 
    Much improved soil moisture in the southern plains for the winter wheat 
crop when it breaks dormancy. This will mitigate the impact of dry weather in 
the west this past fall and some very cold weather earlier in the winter. 
    Beneficial rains for winter wheat in both the Delta and Southeast states 
after drought conditions this fall. 
   Episodes of cold and very cold temperatures is expected to have caused some 
problems for unprotected wheat in parts of eastern Europe during this winter to 
date. The coldest weather in Europe appears to be coming to an end at this 
    Winter wheat areas of Ukraine, west and south Russia have a mostly adequate 
snow cover at this time. This allows for protection as temperatures turn cold 
again at the end of this week. 
   Harvesting continues in southern South Australia and Victoria with some 
delay possible during times of showers. Rain may cause some reduction in 
quality of unharvested crops. 
   Mostly favorable conditions for dormant winter wheat through east-central 
China at this time. Snow is minimal in the region which means this crop would 
be vulnerable in the event of a strong cold snap. 
   Wheat in Pakistan and north India has benefited from recent cooler 
temperatures and scattered light to moderate showers during this week, 
improving conditions for jointing or reproductive wheat. 
   Periodic showers through winter wheat areas of northwest Africa has supplied 
favorable moisture for most of the key growing belt. Prospects have improved in 
the west where it had been too dry earlier and prospects remain good in the 
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January 29, 2017 18:05 ET (23:05 GMT)
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