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13/09/17 13:06NCDEX Raises Pre-Expiry Margin For Sep Jeera To 3% From Thursday 
30/08/17 18:31NCDEX Imposes 5% Additional Margin On Chana Futures 
22/08/17 10:20NCDEX Adds 3 New Centres For Chana Delivery 
21/08/17 11:36Stock Positions Of Commodities At NCDEX Warehouses As On Aug 21 
02/08/17 15:01MCX To Levy 5% Special Margin On Mentha Oil Buy Side From Wed 
11/07/17 09:03NCDEX Allows Commodity Withdrawal From Warehouses On Saturday 
11/07/17 08:58NCDEX Reduces Additional Margin On Jeera From 10% To 5% 
04/05/17 12:41NCDEX Slaps Special Margin Of 7.5% In Coriander On Short Side 
26/04/17 16:04NCDEX Revises Trade Timing From May 2 
21/04/17 12:36NCDEX Launches Mustard Seed Oilcake Futures; Effective April 24 
21/04/17 12:13NCDEX Reduces Special Cash Margin On Sugar By 10% 
12/04/17 10:21NCDEX Revises Commodity Transaction Charges 
22/03/17 10:46NCDEX Withdraws Mandatory Sampling, Testing Of Mustard Deliveries 
23/02/17 12:49NCDEX Revises Trade Timing For Evening Hours 
17/01/17 11:30NCDEX Withdraws Additional Cash Margin On Coriander 
13/01/17 12:02NCDEX Withdraws Add. Margin On Mustard; But Slaps Cash Margin On Sugar 
10/01/17 09:38NCDEX Launches Yellow Soybean Meal Futures For Trade 
06/01/17 10:16NCDEX Levies Concentration Margin On Castor Seed 
20/12/16 11:08NCDEX Withdraws Additonal Margin On Cottonseed Oilcake/Soybean 
01/12/16 12:04No Trade On NCDEX After 5PM On Nov 5 For Mock Trading Session 
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