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Former Soviet Union Corn Weather - Sep 22

22 Sep 2017 5:10 am
West and South Russia (Central Region, Black Soils region, Volga valley, 
Southern Russia) 
Highlights: Dry conditions. Temperatures variable. 
 Days 1-3: Dry conditions. Temperatures near to below normal. 
 Days 4-5: Dry conditions. Temperatures near to below normal. 
Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus 
Highlights:  Scattered light showers. Temperatures variable. 
 Days 1-3: Episodes of scattered showers and thunderstorms Friday-Saturday. Dry 
conditions or just a few light showers Sunday. Temperatures near to below 
 Days 4-5: Mostly dry weather Monday-Tuesday. Temperatures near to below 
    Favorable soil moisture for filling small grains in central and northern 
Europe. However, some of the region has been too wet for a while and this is 
impacting quality. Rain will maintain more favorable conditions for developing 
winter grains but does slow planting. 
    More rain is needed for winter wheat establishment in south and east 
Ukraine. Mostly favorable conditions in Russia. 
   Showers and cooler temperatures in spring grain areas of Kazakh and central 
Russia. This may favor late filling spring grains but could be unfavorable for 
early maturing grains. 
   Dryness in east-central Australia is becoming of increasing concern as the 
planting season for sorghum nears. 
   Increasing rainfall through India during recent weeks will favor development 
of the Kharif sorghum crop, especially in previously dry areas in and near 
    Favorable weather for maturing corn and soybeans in the Midwest. Some 
disruptions to any early harvest in the Midwest however rainfall recharges soil 
moisture. No damaging cold weather during the next 7 days. 
    Favorable weather for maturing corn and soybeans in the northern Plains. 
Rainfall disrupts the early harvest but recharges soil moisture. No damaging 
cold weather is expected. 
    Favorable weather for the remaining corn harvest in the Delta states. 
    Prospects for corn in southwest France continues to be good due to timely 
rainfall in July and the lack of any persistent heat. Cool, wet weather at this 
time may be somewhat unfavorable for the maturing crop and the harvest. 
    Mainly favorable conditions for maturing and harvesting corn in Ukraine and 
south Russia at this time. Yield prospects are down due to summer time heat and 
    Mostly favorable conditions for filling corn through northeast China. 
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September 22, 2017 01:10 ET (05:10 GMT)
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