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Former Soviet Union Corn Weather - Jul 26

26 Jul 2018 5:10 am
West and South Russia (Central Region, Black Soils region, Volga valley, 
Southern Russia...(SR=Rostov Oblast, Krasnodar Krai, Stravropol Krai, Northern 
Highlights: Mostly dry or with only a few light showers favoring western areas 
during the past 24 hours. Temperatures averaged above normal. Highs yesterday 
were 88 to 91f in southern Russia. 
 Days 1-3: Mostly dry or with only a few light showers with isolated heavier 
during this period. Temperatures average above normal, well above normal 
Southern Russia. Highs in the south during this period will mostly range from 
the low to the middle 90s F. 
 Days 4-6: Mostly dry or with only a few light showers during this period. 
Temperatures average above to well above normal Saturday and Sunday. Cooler 
Monday, especially through north and central areas. 
Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus 
Highlights: Light to locally moderate showers with isolated heavier through 
southwest and central areas of Ukraine, northern Moldova and southeast Belarus. 
Only a few light or very light showers otherwise. Temperatures averaged above 
normal. Highs mostly 77 to 92 F yesterday, hottest in southeast Ukraine. 
 Days 1-3: Light to moderate showers and thundershowers with locally heavier 
possible through central and northeast Ukraine today. Light to locally moderate 
showers favoring western areas tomorrow and Friday. Temperatures average above 
normal. Highs 70s and low 80s west, 80s to near 90 east. 
 Days 4-6: Mostly dry or with only a few afternoon or evening thundershowers, 
favoring western Ukraine, during this period. Temperatures above normal. 
   Soil moisture and temperatures will mostly favor vegetative development of 
spring grains in central Russia and northern Kazakh at this time. A turn to hot 
weather in southwest spring grain areas bears watching. Warm to hot 
temperatures elsewhere in the region at this time should help spring grains 
catch up on development. 
    Recent thunderstorm activity in western and central Ukraine and Belarus 
will improve conditions for development of spring grains while being somewhat 
unfavorable for maturing winter grain and winter grain harvests. Hot, dry 
weather has likely impacted development of spring grains in south and east 
Ukraine and south Russia. Recent scattered thunderstorm activity and less hot 
weather has helped improve conditions for spring grain in eastern Ukraine. 
South Russia spring grain areas also had much needed thunderstorm activity 
early last week but should be drier again this week. 
    Drier, hot weather in western Europe favors maturing winter wheat and wheat 
harvesting. Drought and hot tempertaures during the spring is reported to have 
impacted winter grains in England, France, Germany, Poland and the Scandinavia 
areas. Recent rain may help spring grains in northeast Europe but the balance 
of the area is still dry and very warm. Recent rain in northeast Europe will 
also help improve soil moisture for the next winter grains crop planted in this 
   No significant concerns at this time for the harvest of sorghum in eastern 
   Major growing areas for the Kharif sorghum crop in west-central India have 
received generous early season rains. Favorable conditions for development but 
some delay to fieldwork and any late planting. 
    Favorable weather for pollinating and filling corn and developing and 
filling soybeans in the Midwest and northern Plains with adequate soil moisture 
and moderate temperatures. 
    Hot weather stresses pollinating corn and filling soybeans in the southern 
plains. More moderate temperatures this week along with the chance of scattered 
showers and thunderstorms later in the week will ease crop stress. 
    The second crop corn harvest continues in Brazil. 
    Favorable weather for the remaining corn harvest in central Argentina this 
    Hot, dry weather increases stress to reproductive corn in northeast China. 
Rain this week fell mainly west and north of key growing areas. Corn areas of 
the North China Plain were hot and dry during the weekend period. However 
significant rains moved through key growing areas of Shandong and Hebei during 
    Southern Russia corn areas received much needed rain last week but have 
turned drier and hotter again this week. Crop prospects continue to decline due 
to prior heat and dryness. Rainfall has recently increased in corn areas of 
south and east Ukraine, in some cases stabilizing yield forecasts. 
   Periodic showers and near to above normal temperatures favor corn areas of 
southern France at this time. Corn areas in the central and north have been 
drier and hotter. Prospects for this portion of the crop are declining. Little 
is expected this week as temperatures average mostly well above normal. 
Favorable conditions for corn areas of north Italy and southeast Europe. 
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July 26, 2018 01:10 ET (05:10 GMT)
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