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Former Soviet Union Corn Weather - Jul 24

24 Jul 2017 5:10 am
West and South Russia (Central Region, Black Soils region, Volga valley, 
Southern Russia) 
Highlights: Dry conditions or just a few light showers. Temperatures near to 
above normal. 
 Days 1-3: Dry conditions or just a few light showers Friday-Sunday. 
Temperatures near to above normal. 
 Days 4-5: Dry conditions or just a few light showers Monday-Tuesday. 
Temperatures near to below normal. 
Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus 
Highlights: Dry conditions or just a few light showers with locally heavier in 
the northwest. Temperatures near to above normal. 
 Days 1-3: Episodes of scattered light showers with locally heavier 
Friday-Saturday. Dry conditions or just a few light showers Sunday. 
Temperatures near to above normal. 
 Days 4-5: Dry conditions or just a few light showers with locally heavier 
Monday-Tuesday. Temperatures near to above normal. 
    Winter grain in Europe ranges from mature to harvest at this time. Showers 
may delay the harvest in the north while in the south hot, dry weather favors 
the harvest. Showers in northeast Europe will favor developing spring grains. 
    Winter grain in Ukraine, west and south Russia ranges from maturing to 
harvest at this time. No significant concerns for the crop in this stage. 
However, dryness has likely impacted prospects for the crop in the 
north-central Ukraine during the season. 
   Recent showers and warm temperatures favored jointing to reproductive spring 
grains from the Urals region eastward through northern Kazakh and southern 
Siberia. A cooling trend has developed along with a few more scattered showers, 
except in southwest areas where it is somewhat hotter. 
   Conditions will mostly favor the growth of spring grains through Belarus and 
Ukraine at this time. Rain has recently occurred in previously dry areas of 
north-central Ukraine helping to ease stress to spring grains. Adequate soil 
moisture in grain areas of south Russia, despite somewhat hotter temperatures. 
   Dry, hot weather at this time in Turkey will favor the mature winter grains 
crop and harvesting. Crop condition improved due to favorable Spring rainfall. 
    Limited rainfall and above normal temperatures over central and southern 
portions of the western Midwest will increase stress to corn and soybeans, 
especially pollinating corn. Some crop losses can be expected. Northern Iowa 
and southern Minnesota should experience beneficial rainfall and more moderate 
temperatures. Mostly favorable weather for developing corn and soybeans in the 
eastern Midwest. 
    Limited rainfall along with episodes of above to much above normal 
temperatures stresses corn in the northern Plains. Losses to pollinating corn 
are expected. 
    Favorable weather for filling corn in the Delta states. 
    Favorable weather for harvesting corn in central Brazil. 
    Drier weather in central Argentina will improve conditions for the 
remaining corn harvest. 
    A variable temperature pattern with episodes of showers will favor 
reproductive corn through key growing areas of France, although hot weather 
earlier this week may have been stressful. Hot temperatures and little rainfall 
is unfavorable for reproductive to filling corn in north Italy. Recent hot 
weather had been unfavorable for reproductive corn in Hungary and the Balkan 
states but weekend showers and cool temperatures helped ease concerns somewhat. 
    Favorable soil moisture and temperatures for reproductive corn in south and 
east Ukraine and south Russia at this time. However, some hot weather may at 
times lead to concerns for reproductive corn. Recent rainfall in north-central 
Ukraine should help ease concerns for this portion of the crop. 
    Moderate to locally heavy showers and thundershowers and cooling 
temperatures during this week have helped improve conditions for corn nearing 
reproductive growth stages in key northeast China growing areas. 
   Central China growing areas continue to experience episodes of hot weather 
but with periods of scattered thundershowers as well. Stress to corn increases 
during periods of hot weather. 
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July 24, 2017 01:10 ET (05:10 GMT)
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