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Argentina Corn Weather - Jun 7

7 Jun 2017 5:05 am
Argentina Corn, Soybeans and Wheat... 
Cordoba, Santa Fe, North Buenos Aires 
    Dry conditions. Temperatures below normal. 
    Dry weather Tuesday. Some light rain Wednesday. Dry weather 
Thursday-Saturday. Temperatures near to above normal Tuesday-Wednesday, below 
normal Thursday, near to below normal Friday, near to above normal Saturday. 
La Pampa, South Buenos Aires 
    Dry conditions. Temperatures near to below normal. 
    Dry weather through Wednesday. Dry conditions or just some light 
precipitation Thursday. Dry weather Friday-Saturday. Temperatures near to above 
normal Tuesday-Wednesday, below normal Thursday, variable Friday-Saturday. 
    Warmer weather and less rain in the Midwest improves conditions for 
developing corn. Most planting is complete. 
    More rain is needed for developing corn in the northern Plains. 
    Favorable weather for developing and pollinating corn in the Delta states. 
    Favorable weather for maturing and harvesting corn in central Brazil. 
    Favorable harvest weather in central Argentina. 
    A variable temperature pattern over the corn areas of Europe with periodic 
scattered showers. Soil moisture is favorable in many areas. No significant 
concerns for the corn crop at this time. 
    Mostly adequate soil moisture for corn areas of southern and eastern 
Ukraine and south Russia at this time...favoring emerging and developing corn. 
Dryness remains of some concern in north-central Ukraine, despite rains earlier 
in May. 
    Corn planting in China would typically begin during May. Key growing areas 
of China's northeast have recently received beneficial rainfall. This included 
previously dry western growing areas. However, more rain will be needed to 
support favorable early development of corn. The region will see variable 
temperatures with little rainfall during this week. 
   Central China growing areas have had some fairly hot conditions at the end 
of May and very early in June. However, an active weather pattern has returned 
to the region since late last week. This will improve conditions for early 
development of corn in the area. 

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June 07, 2017 01:05 ET (05:05 GMT)
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