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Weekly: Prices of Most Pulses Slip, Barring Chana-Kabuli Chickpea

8 Mar 2021 9:50 am
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MUMBAI (Commodities control) – Major pulses, such as Tur, Urad, Masoor, Moong and White Pea slipped for the week ended 6th March, 2021 amid dull mill buying activity. Meanwhile only Chana and Kabuli Chana prices extended gains this week, on better buying.

Weekly Highlights

# Ministry of Commerce & Industry Notifies quota of 4 Lakh tonnes for import of Urad for the period upto 31st March 2022.
# Shipping Line Maersk Suspends Operations in Myanmar Next Week; Issues Customer Advisory.
# Of the 306 Agricultural Produce Market Committees (APMCs) in Maharashtra, 118 have connected with e-NAM, a pan-India electronic trading portal which is a device to connect existing physical APMC mandis that can be accessed online.
# 21st Century India Needs Post-Harvest & Food Processing Revolution: PM Modi.
# Summer'21: IMD Forecasts 'Above Normal' Temperature Conditions for North & North-West India.
# Mobile App Enhances Price Data Collection of 22 Essential Commodities: Govt.

Burma Lemon Tur:

Tur Lemon variety of Burma-origin declined Rs 125 to Rs 6,375/100Kg in Mumbai, due to slack mills’ buying despite less ready imported stock.

Similarly, domestic variety of Tur dropped by Rs 50-75 at Rs 6,950-7,000/100Kg at benchmark market of Akola amid thin participation by the millers despite decreasing domestic arrivals.

The demand in tur and tur dals was reported to be lukewarm.

Tur millers have their pipelines full, but without encouraging demand sign for dal is leading to stalemate in buying activity.

All India Dal Mills Association has approached the government seeking early imports of tur to stabilise prices. The crop is lower than the anticipated production due to excess rains.

As per market view, Tur prices are likely to get support at lower rates as fundamentals of Tur are strong due to lower yields, less balanced old procured stock with government and import halt.
Tur ( Prices In Rs /100Kg )
Market Variety 06-Mar-21 27-Feb-21 20-Feb-21 06-Mar-20
Mumbai Lemon 6375 6500 6450 4800
Akola Desi Bilty 6950-7000 7000-7075 7050-7100 5150-5200
Gulbarga Desi 6600-6700 6700-6900 6800-6900 4800-5050
Tur Dal ( Prices In Rs / 100Kg )
Market Variety 06-Mar-21 27-Feb-21 20-Feb-21 06-Mar-20
Akola Phatka 9700-9900 9800-9900 9800-10000 7400-7600
Gulbarga Phatka 9300-9700 9300-9800 9300-9800 7300-7700
Katni Phatka 9700-9800 9800-9900 9700-9800 7500-7600

Burma Urad:

Prices of Burma Urad FAQ variety widened losses by Rs 100-150 at Rs 7,300/100Kg in Mumbai, on dull mill purchase due to sluggish offtake in processed Urad.

Similarly, Burma Urad FAQ variety in Chennai fell by Rs 50 at Rs 7,300/100Kg. SQ variety also declined Rs 200 at Rs 7,900-7,950 as arrivals of new domestic Urad were witnessed at Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh. Pace of arrivals are likely to increase within 10 days and may continue for two months. Crop size is expected to be around 2 lakh tons along with some carry over stock. However, average quality was reported compared to Burma Urad SQ variety. Availability of new Urad at cheaper rates compared to SQ variety and regular supply of Urad gota at cheaper rates from Madhya Pradesh has pressurised sentiments. Moreover, buyers in Chennai are still holding around 1,500 containers (36,000 tons) of imported Urad.

The Indian government also announced quota of 4 Lakh tonnes for import of Urad for the period up to 31st March 2022.

However, overseas supplies are not expected soon due to strike in Burma. No local and overseas trade was reported as loading-offloading activity at port has been affected due to strike. Banking transactions and port operations are likely to resume in Myanmar within one week.

Maersk Myanmar of Maersk Line, the World’s largest container shipping Line Company, has issued a customer advisory regarding temporary suspension of activities during 8th-14th March 2021 citing critical situations in Myanmar.

Meanwhile, sellers in Urad were inactive at lower rates due to negligible overseas supply. However, ongoing arrivals of Urad at Krishna district, limited offtake in processed Urad during summer period and upcoming supply of summer crop from April-May in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat are likely to keep prices under check.
Urad ( Prices In Rs / 100Kg )
Market Variety 06-Mar-21 27-Feb-21 20-Feb-21 06-Mar-20
Mumbai FAQ FAQ 7300 7400-7450 7550 5850
Chennai FAQ 7300 7350 7350 5900
Chennai SQ 7900-7950 8100 8250 6300
Jalgaon Desi 7550-8100 7550-8050 7575-8100 6300-6900
Urad Dal ( Prices In Rs / 100Kg )
Market Variety 06-Mar-21 27-Feb-21 20-Feb-21 06-Mar-20
Mumbai 9800-11000 10900-11000 10100-11200 8200-8700

Chana Kantewala (Indore):

Chana prices extended gains by Rs 100-150 at Rs 5,100-5,150/100Kg in Indore following firm cues futures and better mills’ purchase on immediate requirement for crushing.

Chana futures traded firm on the back of demand from dals and besan counters.

Higher spot Chana prices, but not so picky demand in dals has taken the parity for dal processing in negative zone.

More demand from dal counters is needed for millers to go aggressive on buying.

Unless we get back more demand from dals and besan market, we may not witness any further aggressive rise.

Nafed is most likely to discontinue auctions before 10th March. Procurement by government agency and corporate-stockiest buying likely to support price further.

Going forward, Chana futures are to find support towards Rs 4,850/ qtl and trade towards Rs 5,000-5,150 /Qtl by coming sessions.

Similarly, Tanzania-origin Chana in Mumbai ruled higher by Rs 200 at Rs 4,700/100Kg on better millers’ trade activity due to parity compared with domestic Chana-Kabuli Chickpea.

Similarly, Russia and Sudan-origin Kabuli Chickpea prices traded higher by Rs 200-300 each, at Rs 4,850-4,950/100Kg and Rs 4,500-4,800, respectively. Dollar variety Chana also moved up Rs 1,100 at Rs 7,000-7,900/100Kg in Indore.

Amidst declining arrivals and poor crop report because of inclement weather and damage to the crop, dollar chana in Indore mandi gained sharply. Besides weak arrivals, strong buying support from stockists and traders has also contributed to rally in dollar chana. However, the arrival of new dollar chana is yet to pick momentum in mandis.
Chana ( Prices In Rs / 100Kg )
Market Variety 06-Mar-21 27-Feb-21 20-Feb-21 06-Mar-20
Mumbai Australia NA NA NA NA
Tanzania 4700 4500 4450 3850
Burma NA NA NA 3800
Indore Katewala 5100-5150 5000 4850 4000
Delhi Rajasthan origin 5150-5175 4950 4775 4150-4175
Akola 4950-4975 4900-4925 4775-4825 3825-3850
Bikaner 4980 4750 4650 4000
Chana Dal ( Prices In Rs / 100Kg )
Market Variety 06-Mar-21 27-Feb-21 20-Feb-21 06-Mar-20
Akola 5700-6100 5600-6000 5600-6000 4700-5100
Indore 5600-6200 5500-6000 5500-6000 4900-5000
Jaipur 5950 5700 5475-5500 4800
Chana Besan ( Prices In Rs / 50Kg )
Market Variety 06-Mar-21 27-Feb-21 20-Feb-21 06-Mar-20
Mumbai 3400 3350 3325 2960
Kabuli Chana ( Prices In Rs / 100Kg )
Market Variety 06-Mar-21 27-Feb-21 20-Feb-21 06-Mar-20
Indore 40-42 NA NA NA 6350
42-44 7350 7000 6900 6150
44-46 7200 6850 6750 6000
Dollar 7000-7900 6000-6800 6000-6500 5000-5800
Mumbai Sudan 4500-4800 4250-4500 4200-4500 3875
Ethiopia NA NA NA 3850
Russia 4850-4950 4550-4750 4550-4600 3900
Burma NA NA NA 3850

Imported Masoor (Mumbai):

Canada crimson variety Masoor along with Australia Masoor in Mumbai declined by Rs 25-75 each at Rs 5,450-5,600/100Kg and Rs 5,675, respectively as millers refrained from purchasing at prevailing rates and ongoing domestic arrivals.

Similarly, Canada crimson variety Masoor at Hajira-Mundra port are each down by Rs 100 at Rs 5,425/100kg and Rs 5,400, respectively, while at Kandla it was priced weak by Rs 75 at Rs 5,375/100Kg.

However, stock of imported Masoor has been depleting day by day. No further overseas supply are expected due to higher parity. Millers may shift to crush domestic Masoor in the coming days due to less imported stock.

Imported Masoor stock in Kolkata may likely be around 60,000-70,000 tons. Canada Masoor is expected to be around 50,000 ton and Australia origin at about 10,000 tons. Stocks in Mundra are around 110,000 MT, 30,000 MT at Kandla and 40,000 MT at Hazira port.

Stockiest were inactive at prevailing rates in domestic market. They may bounce back at lower range due to lesser domestic carry over stock.
Masoor ( Prices In Rs / 100Kg )
Market Variety 06-Mar-21 27-Feb-21 20-Feb-21 06-Mar-20
Mumbai Canada 5450-5600 5525-5600 5375-5500 4700
Australia 5675 5700 5600 4725
Mundra Canada 5400 5500 5350 4575
Hajira Canada 5425 5525 5375 4575
Kandla Canada 5375 5450 5321 NA
Kolkata Canada 5650-5700 5650-5700 5450 4750
Australia 5700-5800 5800-5900 5550-5625 4800
Indore Desi 5400 5600 5250 4400
Raipur Desi NA NA NA 4600
Kanpur Desi 5550 5800 5575 4700
Masoor Dal ( Prices In Rs / 100Kg )
Market Variety 06-Mar-21 27-Feb-21 20-Feb-21 06-Mar-20
Khopoli 6600 6450 6200 5550-5600
Katni NA NA NA 5075

White Pea (Kanpur):

Dal quality new White Pea prices widened losses for third straight week by Rs 500 at Rs 4,950/100Kg at Kanpur market, due to increased new arrivals.

As per Kanpur based trader, prices of White Pea is likely to get support at lower rates due to negligible carryover stock. Millers-traders will actively purchase as the pipeline is empty. Stockiest activity and bulk buying from big companies may be witnessed at lower rates in the coming days.

Moreover, imported White pea stock is also negligible after India banned import of the yellow peas. Customs department has not released the imported pulses yet, as the release will contradict government’s existing policy.
White Pea ( Prices In Rs / 100Kg )
Market Variety 06-Mar-21 27-Feb-21 20-Feb-21 06-Mar-20
Mumbai Canada No Stock No Stock No Stock 5550-5600
Kolkata Canada No Stock No Stock No Stock 5450-5550
Kanpur 4950 5450 5800 4500

Moong (Jaipur):

Moong prices dropped by Rs 200 at Rs 6,800-7,300/100Kg at Jaipur market of Rajasthan, as per quality, amid thin mills buying activity.

Similarly, demand and sale counters in processed Moong reported slow participation and traded lower Rs 100 at Rs 8,400-8,500/100Kg.

New summer Moong crop is expected to arrive from March end-April in Madhya Pradesh.

Moreover, summer crop will also arrive in Gujarat from May 1st week. Arrivals of new crop will be witnessed in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha in near future.

Farmers were still holding kharif crop Moong in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Arrivals and supplies stocked in godowns, meanwhile, are enough to offset current requirements.

The Directorate General of Foreign trade (DGFT) has allotted quota for import of 1.5 Lakh MTs of moong for the fiscal year 2020-21, until 31st March 2021.

Moong ( Prices In Rs / 100Kg )
Market Variety 06-Mar-21 27-Feb-21 20-Feb-21 06-Mar-20
Jaipur 6800-7300 7000-7500 6800-7400 7700-7800
Harda 5000-7800 NA 5000-8600 7300-7750
Moong Dal ( Prices In Rs / 100Kg )
Market Variety 06-Mar-21 27-Feb-21 20-Feb-21 06-Mar-20
Jaipur 8400-8500 8500-8600 8500-8600 8500
Gulbarga 9300-9500 9400-9500 9400-9500 9800
Akola NA NA NA 9000-9500

(By Commodities control Bureau; +91 9820130172)

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