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Tur/Tur Dal Widen Losses At Major Markets

12 Feb 2019 5:02 pm
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Mumbai (Commoditiescontrol) – Domestic tur widened losses at major markets in the country on Tuesday amid dull millers buying support as demand and sales counters in Tur Dal reported weak.

Similarly, Tur lemon variety of Burma origin priced weak by Rs 25-50 at Rs 4,950/100Kg and Rs 5,225-5,250, respectively in Mumbai and Delhi following weak cues from domestic markets and also dull buying support from mills.

In Mumbai, Mozambique Tur Zebra variety also declined by Rs 100 at Rs 3,950/100Kg, Gajri variety at Rs 4,500-4,600 and red variety at Rs 4,300-4,350.

Selling of old procured Tur stock of Kharif 2017 by Nafed in Gujarat also pressurised the sentiments.

As per market sources, resellers were active in the market who had purchased the tur stock earlier at lower rates.

However, buying at dips is ideal strategy due to lower output this year compared to last year. Arrivals of domestic tur is less as farmers holding stock and were selling to Nafed at MSP as per financial requirements. Current market prices is almost around MSP. Stockists, small traders and millers had maintained good stock of Tur in anticipation that prices may rise more in near future.

Nafed sale detail of 4260 MT Tur kharif 2017 PSS at Rs 4,855/100Kg in Amletha centre of Gujarat on 8 Feb 19. Nafed had total procured 69834.15 MT and Balance 63527.15 MT.

NAFED has successfully procured 68226.93 MT of Tur at Minimum Support Price of Rs 5,675/100kg as on February 8, 2019. Telangana:54750.36, Karnataka:13246.97, Gujarat:229.6.

Latur origin old Phatka variety Tur dal remained weak for second straight day by Rs 50 at Rs 6,950-7,150/100Kg for Mumbai delivery, Gujarat origin Wasat old phatka variety offered at Rs 6,950-7,150/100Kg, Khamgaon origin old Phatka variety at Rs 7,050-7,250/100Kg (Mumbai Delivery) and Jalna origin old phatka variety at Rs 6,950-7,150/100Kg (Mumbai Delivery).

Similarly, Latur origin new Phatka variety also offered lower by Rs 50 at Rs 7,550/100Kg for Mumbai delivery, Gujarat origin Wasat new phatka variety offered at Rs 7,900-8,200/100Kg, Khamgaon origin new Phatka variety at Rs 7,400-7,600/100Kg (Mumbai Delivery), Jalna origin new phatka variety at Rs 7,900-8,100/100Kg (Mumbai Delivery) and Solapur origin new phatka variety at Rs 7,400-7,500/100Kg (Mumbai delivery).

In forward trade, Tur Phatka variety of Latur ( Pistol/Popat/Dollar) were priced at Rs 8,000/100Kg spot for March and Rs 8,200 spot for April and Rs 9,200 for Diwali.

Spot Raw Pigeon Pea (Tur) Prices In Key Indian Markets:

Mandi Sub_Var1 Arrival Price Specifications Prev_Arrival Prev_Price
Ahmednagar Red 700Bags(100kg) 5100 Mandi 700Bags(100kg) 5100
Ahmednagar Black 4600 Mandi 4600
Ahmednagar White 5600 Mandi 5600
Akola Red 4000Bags(50kg) 4800/5400 Mandi 4000Bags(50kg) 4800/5400
Akola Desi:Bilty 5400/5425 Bilty 5450/5500
Amravati Red 5000Bags(100kg) 5100/5250 Mandi 4000Bags(100kg) 5000/5300
Barshi White 1500Bags(50kg) 5400/5600 Mandi 1500Bags(50kg) 5400/5600
Barshi Black 4900/5000 Mandi 4900/5000
Barshi Red 5000/5500 Mandi 5000/5500
Daryapur Maruti 600Bags(100kg) 5000/5300 Mandi 500Bags(100kg) 5100/5350
Dudhani 500Bags(100kg) 5200/5350 Mandi
Hinganghat Desi 4000Bags(100kg) 4500/5280 Mandi 6500Bags(100kg) 4500/5520
Jalgaon Red 4850/5450 Bilty 4850/5450
Jalna White 500Bags(100kg) 5300/5850 Mandi
Khamgaon Maruti 1000Bags(100kg) 4800/5400 Mandi 1200Bags(100kg) 5100/5450
Latur Potli 5250/5350 Potli 5300/5400
Latur Bilty 5500/5550 Bilty 5600/5650
Latur 63 Number 5000Bags(50kg) 5400/5500 Mandi 5000Bags(50kg) 5400/5560
Latur Maruti 5400/5500 Mandi 5400/5560
Latur White 5500/5675 Mandi 5500/5750
Latur Pink 5250/5325 Mandi 5300/5400
Nagpur Red 5400/5450 5450/5500
Washim Maruti 700Bags(100kg) 5200/5450 Mandi 700Bags(100kg) 5200/5450
Solapur Desi 25Truck 5250/5500 Bilty 35Truck 5250/5525
Mandi Sub_Var1 Arrival Price Specifications Prev_Arrival Prev_Price
Mumbai Lemon 4950 Bilty 4950/4975
Mumbai Mozambique NEW 3950/4600 Bilty 4050/4700
Delhi Lemon 5225/5250 Bilty 5300
Mandi Sub_Var1 Arrival Price Specifications Prev_Arrival Prev_Price
Gulbarga Desi 7000Bags(100kg) 5300/5400 Mandi 7000Bags(100kg) 5350/5450
Gulbarga 5539/5589 Bilty 5591/5641
Bidar Red 1000Bags(100kg) 5200/5400 Mandi 800Bags(100kg) 5300/5500
Bidar White 150Bags(100kg) 5200/5550 Mandi 100Bags(100kg) 5300/5550
Bagalkot Red 370Bags(100kg) 4500/5016 Mandi 372Bags(100kg) 4400/5066
Raichur Red 2900Bags(100kg) 5000/5630 Mandi 2400Bags(100kg) 4900/5530
Raichur White 60Bags(100kg) 5500/5888 Mandi 140Bags(100kg) 5700/5909
Yadgiri Red 913Bags(100kg) 5140/5359 Mandi 700Bags(100kg) 5215/5359
Yadgiri White 70Bags(100kg) 5512/5861 Mandi
Mandi Sub_Var1 Arrival Price Specifications Prev_Arrival Prev_Price
Dahod Red 100Bags(100kg) 4700/4800 Mandi
Dahod White 5400/5600 Mandi
Indore Maharashtra Line (Red) 5500/5550 Bilty 5550
Indore Maharashtra Line (White) 5750/5800 Bilty 5800
Indore Karnataka Line (Pink) 5500 Bilty 5550
Indore Karnataka Line (Maruti) 5600 Bilty 5650
Katni Nafed 5300 Bilty 5350
Katni Vidharbha Line 5700 Bilty 5750
Katni Karnataka Line (Maruti) 5700 Bilty 5750
Raipur DESI 5500 Bilty 5600
Raipur Maharashtra Line 5600 Bilty 5700
Raipur Karnataka Line 5700 Bilty 5800
Kanpur Uttar Pradesh Line 5150 Bilty 5250
Mandi Sub_Var1 Arrival Price Specifications Prev_Arrival Prev_Price
Hyderabad Pink 5300 Bilty 5350
Narayanpeth Maruti 150Bags(100kg) 5000/5200 Mandi 400Bags(100kg) 5100/5300
Tandur Red 2000Bags(50kg) 5200/5400 Mandi 3000Bags(50kg) 5200/5420
Salem Red 5600/5800 Bilty 5600/5800

(By Commoditiescontrol Bureau; +91-22-40015513)

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