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Spices Market Commentary
16/11/18 18:08Spot Pepper Rules Steady 
16/11/18 18:07Mace Moves Up; Nutmeg Rules Steady 
16/11/18 17:04Spot Turmeric Prices Continue To Remain Stable  
16/11/18 15:37Spot Coriander Gains In Gujarat; Stable In Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh  
16/11/18 15:10Spot Jeera Prices Weaken Further On Selling Pressure  
16/11/18 11:55Spot Red Chilli Slips At Guntur; Stable At Warangal  
15/11/18 18:24Upward Trend Continues To Persist In Spot Pepper 
15/11/18 18:23Steady Trend Persists In Nutmeg And Mace Markets 
15/11/18 17:55India Spices Export Offer Price - 15 November 2018 
15/11/18 17:25Small Cardamom Auction Average Races To ₹1,400 A Kg 
15/11/18 16:35Spot Turmeric Prices Mostly Steady On Matching Supply With Demand  
15/11/18 15:50Spot Jeera Prices Weaken Further  
15/11/18 15:35Spot Coriander Prices Steady Amid Limited Activity 
15/11/18 15:01Spot Red Chilli Prices Weaken On Lacklustre Demand  
14/11/18 18:43Spot Coriander Prices Stable On Sluggish Buying At Higher Levels  
14/11/18 18:14Spot Jeera Prices Soften On Profit-Booking 
14/11/18 17:55Spot Turmeric Rules Steady Amid Scattered Trading Activity  
14/11/18 17:41Spot Pepper Continues To Stay Firm On Supply Squeeze 
14/11/18 16:36Steady Trend Continues In Nutmeg And Mace Markets 
14/11/18 16:28Spot Red Chilli Rules Steady On Normal Trading Activity