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Metals Market Commentary
20/03/18 17:49DJ Comex Copper Delivery Intentions Breakdown - Mar 20 
20/03/18 17:37DJ Comex Futures Volume 
20/03/18 17:33DJ Metals Calendar - 2018 Futures, Options Dates - -2- 
20/03/18 17:32DJ Metals Calendar - 2018 Futures, Options Dates - Mar 20 
20/03/18 17:18DJ India Commodities Prices - Metals 
20/03/18 17:18DJ Rio Tinto to Reduce Debt With $2.25 Bln Bond Purchase, Redemption Plan 
20/03/18 17:10DJ Gold Loses Ground Ahead of the Fed 
20/03/18 16:58*DJ Rio Tinto Launches Bond Purchase, Redemption Plan for Up to $2.25B 
20/03/18 16:57*DJ Rio Tinto Launches New Debt Reduction Programme 
20/03/18 16:16DJ Global Equities Roundup: Market Talk 
20/03/18 16:16DJ Glencore's Rio Tinto Mine Move Is a Strategic Plus: Investec -- Market Talk 
20/03/18 16:16DJ Global Commodities Roundup: Market Talk 
20/03/18 13:49DJ Glencore Buys Rio Tinto Interest in Hail Creek, Valeria Resource, for $1.7 Bln 
20/03/18 13:32DJ Strategic Minerals Inferred Mineral Resource Almost Doubles in Cornwall 
20/03/18 13:30*DJ Glencore Paying US$1.7B for Hail Creek, Valeria Coal Interests 
20/03/18 13:29*DJ Glencore To Buy Rio Tinto's 82% Interest in Hail Creek Coal Mine 
20/03/18 13:29*DJ Glencore Also Buying Rio Tinto's 71.2% Interest in Valeria Coal Resource in Central Queensland 
20/03/18 12:59DJ China Shanghai Metal Futures Closing Prices, Volume 
20/03/18 12:36DJ Global Energy Roundup: Market Talk 
20/03/18 12:36DJ US Regulator Asks Court to Keep Rio Tinto Mozambique Case Alive -- Market Talk 
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