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Market Commentary
17/08/17 11:19ICE White Sugar Futures Settle At Nearly 2-Year Low 
17/08/17 11:14Cotton Inched Down in Haryana; Steady at North India 
17/08/17 11:10DJ Gold Fields 1H17 Profit Down 54% at $53 Million, Revenue Up 2.3% at $1.33 Billion 
17/08/17 11:06Tur Weakens In Solapur; Chana Annagiri Gains 
17/08/17 10:57India Guarseed Futures Rise To 3-1/2 Month High On Strong Buying 
17/08/17 10:54Edible Oil Futures Edges Higher On Global Cues 
17/08/17 10:42Chana Futures Moves Up On Renewed Demand 
17/08/17 10:28Indian Oilseed Futures Rises Amid Buying Interest 
17/08/17 10:21*DJ Thai USS Rubber Was THB52.59/Kg Wednesday 
17/08/17 10:21*DJ Thai USS Rubber THB55.09/Kg at Three Main Central Markets 
17/08/17 10:12Early Session: Rajasthan Origin Quotes Firm In Delhi 
17/08/17 10:12Wheat Futures Closed Lower on Improved Crop Outlook 
17/08/17 10:01Express: China Almost Sells 97.4% Of Cotton In 1st Session Of Auction Today 
17/08/17 10:01*DJ SGX Sicom Benchmark September TSR20 Up 3.4 Cents at 156.9 U.S. Cents/Kg 
17/08/17 10:01DJ Nymex/Comex Globex Metals Futures Hourly Price Update 
17/08/17 10:01*DJ SGX Sicom Benchmark September RSS3 Rubber Up 5.4 Cents at 188.5 U.S. Cents/Kg 
17/08/17 09:56Indian Cotton Future Settles Down Recording 4 Session Losing Streak 
17/08/17 09:46CBOT November Soybean Edged Lower  
17/08/17 09:31DJ Oil Rebounds Some in Asia After Further Overnight Selling 
17/08/17 09:27ICE Cotton Dec Falls To 1 Month Low on Selling Pressure