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Chana Remains Weak At Major Spot Markets

14 Mar 2019 7:41 pm
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Mumbai (Commodities control) – Chana extended losses at major markets in the country on Thursday amid ongoing domestic arrivals, dull millers trade activity as demand in chana dal and besan from consumption centres was still slack.

Australia origin Chana in ready business at Mumbai and Mundra port offered unchanged each at Rs 4,050/100kg, respectively on the absence of trade due to average quality and also not much stock left.

On other hand, Burma origin chana priced lower by Rs 50 at Rs 4,000/100Kg.

Sudan/Russia/Ethiopia origin kabuli chana quoted lower each by Rs 25-50 at Rs 4,075/100Kg, Rs 4,025 and Rs 4,100, respectively amid slack trade activity owing to less interest shown by besan flour millers and regular supply in containers from overseas.

On other hand, Burma kabuli chana priced unchanged at Rs 4,450.

NAFED Procured 9940.50 MT Chana In Rabi-2019 Season as on March

12,2019.Telangana:9940.50 MT.

Nafed Sold 9940.50 MT Chana (Rabi-2018) As On 13 March, 2019. Balance stock with Nafed is 1807276.05 MT.

Chana for April delivery on National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX), settled higher 0.1 per cent or Rs 5 at Rs 4,240/100kg. Earlier, in the day, the contract hovered in the range of 4,215 and 4,244.

Kabuli Chana of all origin moved higher by Rs 50/100Kg at Indore amid fresh local buying at lower rates against ongoing arrivals.

Australian chana dal quoted at Rs 5,150/100 Kg for Mumbai delivery on slack trade activity. Domestic chana dal of Pistol brand also offered at Rs 5,400 for Mumbai delivery, Angel brand at Rs 5,600 for Mumbai delivery, Samrat brand at Rs 5,650 for Mumbai delivery. Chana besan priced at Rs 2,970/50Kg. Vatana besan ruled at Rs 2,930/50 Kg and Vatana dal at Rs 5,400.

Spot Chana Prices In Key Indian Markets:

State Mandi Sub_Var1 Arrival Price Specifications Prev_Arrival Prev_Price
Maharashtra Ahmednagar Deshi 500Bags(100kg) 4100 Mandi 600Bags(100kg) 4100
Maharashtra Ahmednagar Chapa   4300 Mandi   4300
Maharashtra Ahmednagar Vishal   4350 Mandi   4350
Maharashtra Akola Desi 5000Bags(50kg) 3800/4100 Mandi 5000Bags(50kg) 3800/4100
Maharashtra Akola Bilty   4175/4200 Bilty   4175/4200
Maharashtra Amravati Desi 3000Bags(100kg) 3800/4050 Mandi 5000Bags(100kg) 3800/4125
Maharashtra Barshi Chapa   4000/4050 Mandi   4000/4050
Maharashtra Hinganghat Desi 4000Bags(100kg) 3500/3950 Mandi 6500Bags(100kg) 3500/3950
Maharashtra Jalgaon Deshi   4175/4200 Bilty   4225
Maharashtra Jalgaon Chapa   4250 Bilty   4350
Maharashtra Latur Potli   4100 Potli   4100
Maharashtra Latur Vijay:Bilty   4300/4350 Bilty   4300/4350
Maharashtra Latur Annagiri:Bilty   4500/4550 Bilty   4500/4550
Maharashtra Latur Vijay 3000Bags(50kg) 4200/4450 Mandi 3000Bags(50kg) 4200/4450
Maharashtra Latur Annagiri   4300/4350 Mandi   4300/4350
Maharashtra Solapur Mill Quality   4100/4300 Bilty   4100/4350
Maharashtra Solapur Annagiri 10Truck 4450/4650 Bilty 10Truck 4450/4700
Maharashtra Udgir Vijay Bilty   4100 Bilty   4100
Maharashtra Udgir Annagiri Bilty   4300 Bilty   4300
Maharashtra Washim Desi 1200Bags(100kg) 3800/4100 Mandi 1200Bags(100kg) 3800/4100
Maharashtra Nagpur Desi   4125/4175 Bilty   4150/4200
State Mandi Sub_Var1 Arrival Price Specifications Prev_Arrival Prev_Price
Karnataka Gulbarga Desi 800Bags(100kg) 4300/4400 Mandi 800Bags(100kg) 4200/4400
Karnataka Sedam Annagiri 50Bags(100kg) 4200/4300 Mandi 50Bags(100kg) 4100/4300
Karnataka Raichur Annagiri 1600Bags(100kg) 4290/4460 Mandi 1150Bags(100kg) 4402/4501
Karnataka Bidar Annagiri 300Bags(100kg) 4100/4450 Mandi 400Bags(100kg) 4200/4500
Karnataka Yadgiri Annagiri 48Bags(100kg) 4151/4359 Mandi 170Bags(100kg) 4211/4475
Karnataka Gadag Annagiri 1100Bags(100kg) 4300/4671 Mandi 1000Bags(100kg) 4300/4650
State Mandi Sub_Var1 Arrival Price Specifications Prev_Arrival Prev_Price
Rajasthan Bikaner Desi   4100 Bilty   4110
Rajasthan Jaipur Desi   4250/4300 Bilty   4250/4300
Rajasthan Kekri Desi 300Bags(100kg) 3600/3850 Mandi 350Bags(100kg) 3500/3900
Rajasthan Kishangarh Desi 100Bags(100kg) 3300/3900 Mandi 50Bags(100kg) 3500/3950
State Mandi Sub_Var1 Arrival Price Specifications Prev_Arrival Prev_Price
Madhya Pradesh Indore Katewala   4050 Bilty   4100
Madhya Pradesh Ashoknagar Desi 1000Bags(100kg) 3700/3800 Mandi 1000Bags(100kg) 3700/3800
Madhya Pradesh Bina Desi 1000Bags(100kg) 3700/3850 Mandi    
Madhya Pradesh Ganj Basoda Desi 1500Bags(100kg) 3800/3900 Mandi 1500Bags(100kg) 3800/3900
Madhya Pradesh Harda Katewala 1000Bags(100kg) 3700/3950 Mandi 1000Bags(100kg) 3800/4100
Madhya Pradesh Katni Desi 2500Bags(100kg) 3500/3900 Mandi 2000Bags(100kg) 3500/3925
Madhya Pradesh Mandsaur Katewala 1500Bags(100kg) 3600/3850 Mandi 1500Bags(100kg) 3600/3900
Madhya Pradesh Neemuch Katewala 1000Bags(100kg) 3600/3800 Mandi 1500Bags(100kg) 3700/3800
Madhya Pradesh Pipariya Desi 4500Bags(100kg) 3800/4030 Mandi 3000Bags(100kg) 3800/4110
Madhya Pradesh Sagar Desi 700Bags(100kg) 3700/3850 Mandi    
Madhya Pradesh Vidisha Desi 1500Bags(100kg) 3600/3950 Mandi 1500Bags(100kg) 3600/3950
Chhattisgarh Raipur Desi   4075/4100 Bilty   4075/4100
State Mandi Sub_Var1 Arrival Price Specifications Prev_Arrival Prev_Price
Delhi Delhi Rajasthan Line 15Truck 4300/4325 Bilty 40Truck 4300/4325
Delhi Delhi Madhya Pradesh Line   4200/4225 Bilty   4200/4225
Uttar Pradesh Kanpur Uttar Pradesh Line   4300 Bilty   4375
Uttar Pradesh Kanpur Madhya Pradesh Line   4200 Bilty   4275
State Mandi Sub_Var1 Arrival Price Specifications Prev_Arrival Prev_Price
Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad Jockey (Annagiri)   4425/4450 Bilty   4450/4500
Andhra Pradesh Kurnool     4300/4500     4400/4450
State Mandi Sub_Var1 Arrival Price Specifications Prev_Arrival Prev_Price
Maharashtra Mumbai Australia   4050 Bilty   4050
Maharashtra Mumbai Burma   4000 Bilty   4050
Maharashtra Mumbai Australia (Mundra Port)   4050 Bilty   4050
West Bengal Kolkata Australia   4300/4500 Bilty   4300/4500
State Mandi Sub_Var1 Arrival Price Specifications Prev_Arrival Prev_Price
Gujarat Dahod Desi 2000Bags(100kg) 3900/4175 Mandi 2000Bags(100kg) 3900/4175
Gujarat Rajkot   4000Bags(100kg) 3900/3950   4000Bags(100kg) 3850/4000

Spot Kabuli Chickpea Prices In Key Indian Markets :

State Mandi Sub_Var1 Arrival Price Specifications Prev_Arrival Prev_Price
Maharashtra Mumbai Sudan:Kabuli   4075 Bilty   4100
Maharashtra Mumbai Burma Kabuli   4450 Bilty   4450
Maharashtra Mumbai Russia kabuli   4025 Bilty   4050
Maharashtra Mumbai Ethiopia Kabuli   4100 Bilty   4150
Maharashtra Akola Kabuli-small(COC 2)   4300/4500 Mandi   4300/4600
Maharashtra Akola Kabuli (Dollar)   5100/5500 Bilty   5200/5500
Maharashtra Latur Kabuli   5000/6000 Bilty   5000/6000
Madhya Pradesh Indore Kabuli (Dollar) 2500Bags(100kg) 5000/6000 Bilty    
Madhya Pradesh Indore Kabuli 42-44 Count   6700 Bilty   6650
Madhya Pradesh Indore Kabuli 44-46 Count   6500 Bilty   6450
Madhya Pradesh Indore Kabuli 58-60 Count   5000 Bilty   4950
Madhya Pradesh Indore Kabuli 60-62 Count   4900 Bilty   4850
Madhya Pradesh Indore Kabuli 62-64 Count   4800 Bilty   4750
Madhya Pradesh Indore Kabuli 64-66 Count   4700 Bilty   4650
Madhya Pradesh Indore Kabuli 66-68 Count   4600 Bilty   4550
Delhi Delhi Kabuli-Karnataka Line   5500 Bilty   5500
Delhi Delhi Kabuli-Maharashtra Line   5200/5300 Bilty   5200/5300
Delhi Delhi Kabuli:Indore ( Mexico Double Dollar)   6500/7200 Bilty   6500/7200
Delhi Delhi Kabuli (Choti) Maharashtra Line (Akola)   4400 Bilty   4400
International 1 Burma V2 Kabuli   610     610
International 1 Burma V2 Kabuli in kyats (FOB)   830000     830000
International 1 Burma Hollan(In $)   670     670
International 1 Burma Hollan in kyats (FOB)   925000     925000

(By Commoditiescontrol Bureau: +91-22-40015513)

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