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Weekly: Masoor Falls On Overseas Supply, Chana Dips As Govt Offloads Stock

6 Jul 2020 9:26 am
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MUMBAI (Commodities control) – Masoor, Chana and Moong prices slipped for the week ended 4th July amid dull mills’ buying, while Urad and White Pea prices moved higher due to fresh trade at lower rates. On the other hand, Tur prices traded mixed on cautious activity at higher rates.

Weekly Highlights

#Area under kharif crops increased by 88% to 433 lakh hectares till Friday as against 230 lk hectares in the corresponding week last year.
# Pulses ought to be included in PDS: NAFED.
# Govt Targets Pulses Buffer of 1.95 mln tn In 2020-21; Holding Stock of 8.76 Lakh Ton.
#PMGKAY Extended by 5 Months; Free Distribution of Chana on Cards.
# Heavy Rains Alert for Five States Including U.P, M.P; Orange Alert For Mumbai Region.
# India's June Monsoon Rains 18% above Average – IMD

Pulses Buffer stock Consist For 2020-21
Commodity Quantity
Tur 10 Lakh Ton
Chana 3 Lakh Ton
Urad 4 Lakh Ton
Moong 1 Lakh Ton
Masoor 1.5 Lakh Ton
Total 19.5 Lakh Ton
Govt Holding Stock As On 18 June
Commodity Quantity
Tur 3.77 Lakh Ton
Moong 1.14 Lakh Ton
Urad 2.28 Lakh Ton
Chana 1.30 Lakh Ton
Masoor 0.27 Lakh Ton
Total 8.76 Lakh Ton

India 2020-21 Kharif Pulses Sowing Up 289.22 % As On July 3, 2020
Commodity Area Sown In Lakh Hectare 2020-2021 Area Sown In Lakh Hectare 2019-20
Tur 16.56 2.79
Urad 8.77 1.87
Moong 9.4 3.14
Other Pulses 2.07 1.66
Pulses 36.82 9.46

Burma Lemon Tur:

Tur remained weak in bilty trade at Akola market by Rs 100-125 to Rs 5,900-5,950/100Kg due to cautious participation by local/outstation millers at higher rates, as demand and sale counter in Tur dal reported thin activity.

Meanwhile the commodity moved up Rs 150-200 to Rs 5,900-6,000/100Kg at Gulbarga market.

Similarly, Tur Lemon variety of Burma-origin, both old and new, gained Rs 50-100 to Rs 5,200/100Kg and Rs 5,375, respectively in Mumbai.

However, sentiments were pressurised due to fear of government agency liquidating procured stock along with higher sowing amid good monsoon.

Consumption, although, is expected to rise as prices of vegetable, poultry and meats products are higher.

Tur prices are likely to get support due to slow-paced seasonal arrivals. Moreover, Government is yet to give any quota to millers and refiners. Overseas Supply is expected from August-September.

Tur ( Prices In Rs /100Kg )
Market Variety 04-Jul-20 27-Jun-20 20-Jun-20 04-Jul-19
Mumbai Lemon 5200-5375 5150-5250 5100-5200 5350
Akola Desi Bilty 5900-5950 6025-6050 6000-6025 5825-5850
Gulbarga Desi 5900-6000 5700-5850 5600-5700 5700-5750
Tur Dal ( Prices In Rs / 100Kg )
Market Variety 04-Jul-20 27-Jun-20 20-Jun-20 04-Jul-19
Akola Phatka 8200-8400 8200-8400 8200-8300 8000-8100
Gulbarga Phatka 8100-8500 8000-8400 8000-8400 7800-7900
Katni Phatka 8500-8600 8700-8800 8650-8750 8150-8250

Kharif Tur Sowing Up 494 % As On July 1 Vs Last Yr (LAKH HA)
Karnataka 2.37 1.22
Maharashtra 7.44 0.01
Madhya Pradesh 1.51 0
Telangana 2.27 0.37
Uttar Pradesh 0.87 0.41
Gujarat 0.54 0.17
Jharkhand 0.62 0.01
Total 16.56 2.79

Burma Urad:

Burma Urad FAQ new variety traded firm by Rs 25 at Rs 6,075/100Kg, in Mumbai, due to mill buying activity and less ready stock.

Similarly in Chennai, Burma Urad FAQ/SQ varieties gained Rs 150-200 to Rs 6,200/100Kg and Rs 7,400, respectively.

Buyers were active in both ready and forward business at Chennai.

Prices were underpinned due to expectation of weak supplies from Burma till July end against annual quota license.

Supreme Court Hearing on the pulses imports case to take place on 8th July.

Meanwhile urad purchases were limited due to thin offtake witnessed in processed Urad. Demand is suffering due to restrictions on restaurants, small eatery joints and along with Papad manufacturing units remaining shut.

Government reduced the deadline for Urad Import Annual Quota of 4 lakh MT by 6 months to 31st August, 2020.

All India Pulses Mills’ Association taking a serious note of frequent changes in import policies has urged the Union government to increase import duration of urad in the country from August 30, 2020 to March 31, 2021.

Urad ( Prices In Rs / 100Kg )
Market Variety 04-Jul-20 27-Jun-20 20-Jun-20 04-Jul-19
Mumbai FAQ FAQ 6075 6050 6150 4550
Chennai FAQ 6200 6050-6075 6150 4500-4525
Chennai SQ 7400 7150-7175 7250 5625-5650
Jalgaon Desi NA 6400-6800 6400-6850 NA
Jabalpur Desi Summer NA NA NA NA
Urad Dal ( Prices In Rs / 100Kg )
Market Variety 04-Jul-20 27-Jun-20 20-Jun-20 04-Jul-19
Mumbai 8500-9100 8500-9100 8600-9200 6000-6200

Kharif Urad Sowing Up 369 % As On July 1 Vs Last Yr (LAKH HA)
Madhya Pradesh 4.45 0
Maharashtra 1.79 0.001
Karnataka 0.58 0.43
Rajasthan 0.71 0.81
Uttar Pradesh 0.32 0.15
Gujarat 0.2 0.11
Telangana 0.11 0.06
Total 8.77 1.87

Chana Kantewala (Indore):

Chana prices declined Rs 125 at Rs 4,225-4,250/100Kg in Indore due to NAFED selling old procured Chana in selected states. Meanwhile tenders were rejected due to lower bid, as per market sources. Nafed is not interested in liquidating stocks below Rs 4,500/100Kg.

Moreover, actual demand in chana dal and besan, from consumption centres, was reported to be slow.

As on July 2, 2020, NAFED has successfully procured 2079260.64 MT of Chana at Minimum Support Price of Rs 4,875.

As per market talk, current levels of Chana prices are attractive for millers/traders due to cheaper pulses. Even consumption is likely to increase in coming days as festive period begins next month till Diwali. Meanwhile, prices in spot markets traded much below MSP of Rs 4,875.

Chana ( Prices In Rs / 100Kg )
Market Variety 04-Jul-20 27-Jun-20 20-Jun-20 04-Jul-19
Mumbai Australia NA NA NA 4200
Tanzania 4050 4200-4225 4200 NA
Burma NA NA NA 4150
Indore Katewala 4225-4250 4350-4375 4225-4250 4175-4200
Delhi Rajasthan origin 4175 4275-4300 4275 4325-4350
Akola 4375-4400 4525-4550 4500-4525 4325-4350
Bikaner 4150 4250-4260 4200-4225 4175-4200
Chana Dal ( Prices In Rs / 100Kg )
Market Variety 04-Jul-20 27-Jun-20 20-Jun-20 04-Jul-19
Akola 5300-5700 5400-5800 5400-5750 5100-5700
Indore 5300-5700 5400-5800 5300-5700 NA
Jaipur 5000 5100 5050 5200-5250
Chana Besan ( Prices In Rs / 50Kg )
Market Variety 04-Jul-20 27-Jun-20 20-Jun-20 04-Jul-19
Mumbai 3175 3175 3175 NA
Kabuli Chana ( Prices In Rs / 100Kg )
Market Variety 04-Jul-20 27-Jun-20 20-Jun-20 04-Jul-19
Indore 40-42 NA NA NA 5650
42-44 6500 6500 6500 5450
44-46 6350 6350 6300 5250
Dollar 5500-6000 5400-5800 5200-5700 4000-4600
Mumbai Sudan NA NA NA 4175
Ethiopia NA NA NA 4150
Russia 4200 4350-4400 4400 4050
Burma NA NA NA 4300

Nafed Procured Chana As On 2 July, 2020
State MT
Andhra Pradesh 127915.1
Karnataka 101843.45
Rajasthan 613595.68
Telangana 47600
Maharashtra 312631.95
Madhya Pradesh 706292.42
Uttar Pradesh 37461.88
Haryana 10636.46
Gujarat 121283.7
Total 2079260.64

Imported Masoor (Mumbai):

Canada crimson variety and Australia origin Masoor widened losses to Rs 50-100 each at Rs 5,350-5,450/100Kg and Rs 5,500, respectively in Mumbai amid thin buying due to unattractive crushing margins.

Similarly, Canada crimson variety Masoor at Hazira and Mundra port fell Rs 50 each at Rs 5,300/100Kg and Rs 5,250, respectively.

Domestic Masoor traded weak by Rs 25-100/100Kg in major markets, as per quality, due to thin buying from local and outstation traders/millers.

Cheaper overseas supplies, ongoing rabi crop arrivals and thin demand in processed Masoor will keep sentiments under pressure.

Vessel M. V. Livita carrying Masoor from Canada has arrived at Kakinada port. Vessel is expected to discharge around 25000 MT at Kakinada and 28000 MT in Kolkata, on Monday.

Another vessel carrying around 30,000-35,000 MT Masoor is expected to arrive from Canada at Mundra port on 22nd July.

Masoor ( Prices In Rs / 100Kg )
Market Variety 04-Jul-20 27-Jun-20 20-Jun-20 04-Jul-19
Mumbai Canada 5350-5450 5400-5550 5450-5600 4000-4100
Australia 5500 5600 5650 4200
Mundra Canada 5250 5300 5425 NA
Hajira Canada 5300 5350 5450 NA
Kolkata Canada 5400 5400-5500 5450-5550 4125
Australia 5500-5550 5650-5700 5700-5725 4300-4325
Indore Desi 5500 5600-5650 5525-5550 4100-4150
Raipur Desi 5700 5750-5800 5775-5800 4225-4250
Kanpur Desi 5850 5875 5900 4375
Masoor Dal ( Prices In Rs / 100Kg )
Market Variety 04-Jul-20 27-Jun-20 20-Jun-20 04-Jul-19
Khopoli 6650 6650 6700 5050-5150
Katni NA NA NA 4850

Imported White Pea (Mumbai):

Canada origin White Pea was priced unchanged at Rs 6,000/100Kg amid thin activity.

The peas could not find support, despite tightness in ready stock.

On the other hand, Prices of White Pea moved higher by Rs 125 at Rs 5,100-5,150/100Kg at Kanpur market amid slowdown in new arrivals and demand from Southern markets, for graded quality White Pea.

However, prices are unlikely to sustain at higher rates as millers preferred to stay with desi Chana/Kabuli Chana, due to easy availability.

Prices of White pea dal and besan ruled flat as demand and sale counter witnessed thin participation.

Supreme Court Hearing on the pulses imports case will take place on 8th July now.

Total quantity of imported White Pea lying on ports is around 265377 MT. JNPT: 84903 MT, Mumbai: 63800 MT, Mundra: 103824 MT and Chennai: 12850 MT.

Total quantity released from various ports is around 553925 MT. JNPT: 401901 MT, Mumbai: 50800 MT, Mundra: 98479 and Chennai: 2744 Mt.

White Pea ( Prices In Rs / 100Kg )
Market Variety 04-Jul-20 27-Jun-20 20-Jun-20 04-Jul-19
Mumbai Canada 6000 6000 6000 4721
Kolkata Canada NA NA NA 5200
Kanpur 5100-5150 4975-5000 5000-5025 4950-5050
White Pea besan ( Prices In Rs / 50Kg )
Market Variety 04-Jul-20 27-Jun-20 20-Jun-20 04-Jul-19
Mumbai 3525 3525 3525 NA
White Pea Dal ( Prices In Rs / 100Kg )
Market Variety 04-Jul-20 27-Jun-20 20-Jun-20 04-Jul-19
Mumbai 6550 6550 6600 NA

Moong (Jaipur):

Moong prices extended fall by Rs 100-150 at Rs 6,600-6,700/100Kg in Jaipur market of Rajasthan, as per quality, on slow mill buying for immediate requirement for crushing.

Meanwhile, demand and sale counters in processed Moong reported thin participation.

Similarly, summer crop Moong ruled weak due to average quality arrivals in various origin because of recent rain and higher arrivals.

Millers were interested in purchasing good quality Moong for crushing.

As on July 2, 2020, NAFED has successfully procured 3606.78 MT of Moong at Minimum Support Price of Rs 7,050.

Stockists are sidelined at current prices, despite lower stocks with government agencies and private traders/millers.

Locust attack hit the summer moong crop in several districts of Rajasthan, MP and UP.

Moong ( Prices In Rs / 100Kg )
Market Variety 04-Jul-20 27-Jun-20 20-Jun-20 04-Jul-19
Jaipur Kharif 6600-6700 6700-6750 7100-7300 5400-5800
Veraval Summer 6800-7200 NA NA NA
Harda Summer 4000-6550 NA 5000-6700 5200-5750
Moong Dal ( Prices In Rs / 100Kg )
Market Variety 04-Jul-20 27-Jun-20 20-Jun-20 04-Jul-19
Jaipur 7500-7600 7600-7700 8100-8200 7000
Gulbarga 9100-9200 9700-9800 9900-10000 7700
Akola NA NA NA 7300-7800

Kharif Moong Sowing Up 199.36 % As On July 1 Vs Last Yr (LAKH HA)
Karnataka 2.49 1.78
Maharashtra 2.47 0.002
Rajasthan 3.19 1.07
Madhya Pradesh 0.5 0
Gujarat 0.13 0.07
Telangana 0.3 0.09
Total 9.4 3.14

Nafed Procured As On 2 July, 2020
State MT
Odisha 3506.23
Tamil Nadu 100.55
Total 3606.78

(By Commodities control Bureau; +91 9820130172)

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