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28/05/16 11:27China Cotton Auction: 26.64 Percent Of Total Bales On Offer Sold 
27/05/16 14:55China Cotton Auction: Average Auction Price At New Low 
26/05/16 17:07Pakistan Raw cotton Import Declined in April  
26/05/16 12:12China Cotton Auction: Domestic Cotton On Offer Increasing Over The Past Two Days 
24/05/16 13:38China Cotton Auction: Imported Cotton On Offer Increased To 52.36 Percent  
23/05/16 16:11China April Cotton Imports Declines Over 67% From India Y/Y 
23/05/16 14:09China Cotton Auction: Imported Cotton On Offer Increasing  
21/05/16 14:04Telangana Govt Exempts Market Fee On Cotton seed; But Hike On Raw Cotton 
21/05/16 12:30India Cotton Prices Supported By Tight Supply-Demand Balance Sheet 
20/05/16 12:50China Cotton Auction: Trading Companies Increasing Inventory 
19/05/16 16:38China Cotton Auction: Turnover At 100 Percent For Third Day In A Row 
18/05/16 12:22China Cotton Auction: Offer Of Domestic Cotton Increasing 
17/05/16 12:26China Cotton Auction: Average Price Fell, Turnover 100 Percent  
14/05/16 13:41China Cotton Auction: Price Outlook For Chinese Cotton Optimistic  
13/05/16 11:29China Cotton Auction: Quality of Cotton Offered Improving  
11/05/16 12:16China Cotton Auction: 99 Percent of Cotton Offered Is Being Taken  
11/05/16 10:29USDA Projects U.S 2016-17 Cotton Output Higher; India Exports Sharply Down 
09/05/16 18:33To Be or Not To Be with Cotton!