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Metals Market Commentary
23/07/14 21:23DJ Copper Steadies After Chinese Company Avoids Debt Default 
23/07/14 17:46Copper Prices Down by Rs 2 on Weak Demand 
23/07/14 14:46DJ LME Metals in Consolidation Mode -- Market Talk 
23/07/14 07:28DJ Iron Ore Headed for Surplus Thanks to Rio Tinto -- Market Talk 
23/07/14 07:26DJ Comex Copper Warehouse Stocks-Jul 22 
23/07/14 07:26DJ Comex Aluminum Warehouse Stocks-Jul 22 
23/07/14 07:24DJ Zinc Nears Three-Year High on Supply Concerns 
23/07/14 07:09DJ Hussey Copper Price 3.4455 Cents Per Pound - Jul 22 
23/07/14 07:07DJ Muted Copper Prices Among What Will Hit Freeport -- Market Talk 
22/07/14 22:02DJ LME Metals Close Mostly Higher, But Tin Lags 
22/07/14 21:11DJ Zinc Rally Could Run Out of Steam -- Market Talk 
22/07/14 17:35DJ Indian Commodities Prices - Metals 
22/07/14 17:35DJ Comex Copper Delivery Intentions Breakdown - Jul 22 
22/07/14 16:36DJ LME Metals Move Higher -- Market Talk 
22/07/14 16:34DJ Higher Aluminum Prices Likely, Says Norsk Hydro CEO -- Market Talk 
22/07/14 16:34DJ LME 3-Month Lead Uptrend Has Further To Go -- Market Talk 
22/07/14 16:31DJ LME Metals Move Higher as Positive Sentiment Shines Through 
22/07/14 08:18DJ Comex Copper Warehouse Stocks-Jul 21 
22/07/14 08:17DJ Comex Aluminum Warehouse Stocks-Jul 21 
22/07/14 07:30DJ Copper Rises as Investors Move in After Recent Decline 
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