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Metals Market Commentary
30/07/14 15:13DJ LME Metals Tread Lower, Aluminum Bounces - -- Market Talk 
30/07/14 15:09DJ LME Metals Mostly Continue Correction Lower, Aluminum Bounces 
30/07/14 14:30LME Metals Tread Lower, Aluminum Bounces - -- Market Talk  
30/07/14 07:44DJ Hussey Copper Price 3.4595 Cents Per Pound - Jul 29 
30/07/14 07:39DJ Cheap Aluminum From Xinjiang May Cut Metal's Cost Support: CBA -- Market Talk 
29/07/14 11:00DJ 'Degree of Recovery' Soon for Global Dairy Prices, Says ASB -- Market Talk 
29/07/14 11:00DJ Macquarie Forecasts Gold-Sector Consolidation -- Market Talk 
29/07/14 08:03DJ Hussey Copper Price 3.4810 Cents Per Pound - Jul 28 
29/07/14 07:56DJ Few Signs of Coal Flickering Back to Life: Macquarie -- Market Talk 
29/07/14 07:18DJ Panoramic's Savannah North Looking Good: Macquarie -- Market Talk 
29/07/14 06:38DJ China Steel Output Seen Robust as Margins Widen -- Market Talk 
29/07/14 05:36DJ Subscribers: India Market Items Not Available Due to Holiday 
28/07/14 17:29DJ LME Metals Mostly Rise in Europe 
28/07/14 16:20DJ Goldman Expects 15% Decline in Precious Metals - -- Market Talk 
28/07/14 15:28DJ LME Metals Mostly Up in European Trade -- Market Talk 
28/07/14 15:10DJ China Steel Prices Unlikely to Rise Much, Says Bernstein -- Market Talk 
28/07/14 15:06*DJ Thai AFET Benchmark Feb STR20 Rubber Settles THB0.05 Lower at THB53.90/Kg 
28/07/14 15:04*DJ Thai AFET Benchmark Feb RSS3 Rubber Settles THB0.15 Lower at THB64.70/Kg 
28/07/14 15:02*DJ Thai AFET Benchmark Feb STR20 Untraded Monday 
28/07/14 15:02DJ Impact of El Nino on Ag Commodities Looks Increasingly Weak -- Market Talk 
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