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Market Commentary
27/07/16 17:26India Cotton Spot Market Price - July 27th 
27/07/16 17:26Coriander Flat In Rajasthan On Sluggish Activity 
27/07/16 17:26DJ U.S. Grain: Corn AM Gulf Barge Basis - Jul 27 
27/07/16 17:20DJ Rotterdam Wheat, Corn CIF/Loco Prices - Jul 27 
27/07/16 17:18 International Sugar Organization and Kingsman Daily Sugar Prices: July 27 
27/07/16 17:18DJ London Silver Fixing: $19.58 per oz (Prev. $19.68) 
27/07/16 17:13DJ Infograin French Soft Wheat, Barley, Corn Markets - July 27 
27/07/16 17:11DJ RTAE London Rubber Prices - July 27 
27/07/16 17:05Spot Mentha Oil Down Second Straight Day On Poor Off Take 
27/07/16 17:03Spot Maize Prices Edge Lower At Gulab Bagh; Futures Slip As Well  
27/07/16 17:03DJ Nymex/Comex Globex Metals Futures Hourly Price Update 
27/07/16 16:55Spot Guarseed/Guargum Weak; Acreage Dips Sharply In Rajasthan, Haryana 
27/07/16 16:55DJ USDA Daily Wheat And Grain Market Rates - Jul 27 
27/07/16 16:51DJ U.S. Grain: Wheat Basis Bids - Jul 27 
27/07/16 16:50Spot Soybean Rules Steady On Uncertain Outlook 
27/07/16 16:50DJ U.S. Grain: Soybean Basis Bids - Jul 27 
27/07/16 16:47China State Reserve Auctions Entire Cotton Put For Sale On July 27 
27/07/16 16:47DJ Gold Prices Steady Ahead of Fed Policy Statement 
27/07/16 16:46Processed Pulses Persist Downward Movement In Delhi  
27/07/16 16:34DJ Copper Prices Down on Increased Stock Levels