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30/07/14 18:53DJ USDA Says 205,500 Tons of Wheat Sold to Nigeria 
30/07/14 18:53*DJ USDA Says 205,500 Tons of Wheat Sold to Nigeria 
30/07/14 18:52DJ Rainfall Hampers Drying of Cocoa in Nigeria's Midwest Edo State -Traders 
30/07/14 18:51DJ Oil Futures Rise Ahead of U.S. Report 
30/07/14 18:50Cotton Yarn Rules Steady In Major Markets; Demand Thin 
30/07/14 18:50DJ Corn, Soybeans Drop as Favorable Growing Weather Persists in Midwest 
30/07/14 18:47Cotton Down In Maharashtra, South India; Firm In Gujarat 
30/07/14 18:44DJ Ingredion Sees Drag From Cheap Corn -- Market Talk 
30/07/14 18:28DJ RTAE London Rubber Prices - July 30 
30/07/14 18:22Textile Minister Launches MIS for Skill Scheme 
30/07/14 18:15Weekly Report: Moong Dal Prices Trade Mix On Slow Demand 
30/07/14 18:14DJ Nymex Globex Volumes Breakdown - Jul 30 
30/07/14 18:11Weekly Report: New Moong Arrivals Begin In Karnataka 
30/07/14 18:10India Castor Seed August Futures Ends Higher On Improved Demand 
30/07/14 18:09NCDEX CoC Stocks Down At 30,251 Tons 
30/07/14 18:08MCX Cotton Stocks Flat At 50,200 Bales 
30/07/14 18:08India Mustard Seed Futures Ends Up On Short Covering 
30/07/14 18:06DJ Nymex Volume Jul 29, Natural Gas 202,442, Globex 196,200 
30/07/14 18:04DJ Rotterdam feed ingredients - Jul 30 
30/07/14 18:04DJ European veg oil AM, Palm & Lauric Oil Prices - Jul 30