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03/09/15 12:58DJ TOCOM Rubber Slips in Thin Trading -- Market Talk 
03/09/15 12:53Chana, Masoor, Maharashtra Origin Tur Gain At Raipur 
03/09/15 12:51DJ North Africa Winter Wheat Weather - Sep 3 
03/09/15 12:46Chana, White Pea Weak At Kanpur 
03/09/15 12:43Spot Cumin Seed Flat On Limited Trade 
03/09/15 12:42Steady Trend Continues In Mumbai Sugar Prices 
03/09/15 12:41DJ U.S. Southeast Cotton Weather - Sep 3 
03/09/15 12:37Sugar Mills Rate In Uttar Pradesh - September 03 
03/09/15 12:36DJ U.S. Southern Plains HRW Wheat Weather - Sep 3 
03/09/15 12:35Chana Firm In Jaipur On Fresh Trade 
03/09/15 12:33*DJ Polyus Gold International Shares Rise 2.9% to 195p/Shr After Potential Cash Offer Disclosed 
03/09/15 12:32DJ Tocom Rubber Futures Closing Prices, Sep 3 
03/09/15 12:31DJ London Open Gold and Silver 
03/09/15 12:18Spot Gur Prices Remain Flat On Weak Demand 
03/09/15 12:17Tur, Urad Open Firm At Mumbai; Chana, Kabuli Chickpea Soft 
03/09/15 12:08Red Chilli Sharply Up On Strong Demand; Futures Hit Upper Limit 
03/09/15 12:01DJ Nymex/Comex Globex Metals Futures Hourly Price Update 
03/09/15 12:00LME Metals Hourly Price Update 12:00 IST - Sep 03 
03/09/15 11:59Moong, Tur Trade Higher At Latur 
03/09/15 11:59DJ Rio Tinto Sees Solid Demand for Iron Ore and Steel