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DowJones News Wire
31/05/16 21:01*DJ US 6-Month Bills: 0.475%; 25.52% At High 
31/05/16 21:01DJ NY Engelhard Silver, Platinum, Palladium Prices - May 31 
31/05/16 21:01Press Release: Tethys Petroleum Limited Press Release: Results of Annual General and Special Meeting 
31/05/16 21:00DJ European Stock Index Futures Hourly Price Update 
31/05/16 21:00DJ U.S. Gold Prices 
31/05/16 21:00DJ Handy And Harman Gold Prices - May 31 
31/05/16 20:59*DJ CORRECT: USDA Grain Inspections: Soybeans 182,261 Tons Vs 88,349 Tons 
31/05/16 20:59DJ NY Engelhard Gold Prices - May 31 
31/05/16 20:56DJ U.S. Consumer Confidence Declined, Clouding Outlook--3rd Update 
31/05/16 20:55DJ Stocks Mixed, But on Track for a Winning May 
31/05/16 20:55DJ Orange Juice Market Moves Higher as Weather Takes Center Stage 
31/05/16 20:52DJ USDA Memphis Weekly Feed Ingredient Prices - May 31 
31/05/16 20:52DJ Moody's: Uk Buy-to-let Rmbs Performance Remained Stable In The Three Months Ended February 2016 
31/05/16 20:51DJ No Contingency Plans Needed Yet on New Monsanto Soybeans -Market Talk 
31/05/16 20:50DJ CME 2-Day Average Lean Hog Index Values - May 31 
31/05/16 20:49DJ Peoria Opening/Midday Hogs - May 31 
31/05/16 20:49DJ USDA Grain Export Inspections By Country/Destination - May 31 
31/05/16 20:47DJ USDA Grain Inspections For Export By Regions/Port - May 31 
31/05/16 20:45*DJ US 3-Month Bills: $351.930 Mln In Noncomps 
31/05/16 20:45DJ US 3-Month Bills: $351.930 Mln In Noncomps