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DowJones News Wire
04/05/16 06:58*DJ Shenzhen Composite Index Opens Down 0.4% at 1922.11; ChiNext Price Index Opens Down 0.3% at 2210.13 
04/05/16 06:58DJ An End to Asia's Rate Cuts? -- Barron's Asia 
04/05/16 06:57DJ Bernie Sanders Wins Indiana Primary--Update 
04/05/16 06:54*DJ Bernie Sanders Wins Indiana's Democratic Primary, AP Says 
04/05/16 06:51DJ Economy Throwing Mixed Signals, Fed's Lockhart Says -- 3rd Update 
04/05/16 06:45DJ e/cbot Grains/Oilseeds Futures Hourly Price Update 
04/05/16 06:42DJ Brazil Prosecutor Seeks to Add Ex-President Lula da Silva to Car Wash Probe 
04/05/16 06:35*DJ Priebus In Tweet Calls on Party to 'Unite and Focus On Defeating' Democratic Nominee 
04/05/16 06:35*DJ RNC Chief Priebus: Donald Trump Will Be Presumptive Republican Nominee 
04/05/16 06:32*DJ CS's Credit-Trading Executives Bob Franz, Ken Hoffman to Depart, Start New Firm, Sources Say 
04/05/16 06:32*DJ Credit Suisse Will Take New $100M Charge, Sources Say 
04/05/16 06:32*DJ Credit Suisse Agrees to Sell Distressed-Debt Portfolio to TSSP For $1.27B, Sources Say 
04/05/16 06:30DJ Baltic Exchange Daily Fixtures 
04/05/16 06:26DJ HK Bourse: Announcement From Glencore Plc 
04/05/16 06:20DJ Interbank Foreign Exchange Rates At 20:50 EST / 0050 GMT 
04/05/16 06:18*DJ Fed's Lockhart Sees How Liquidity Can Tightens Financial Conditions As Key Factor 
04/05/16 06:18*DJ Fed's Lockhart: Doesn't See Risk Economy Is Overheating Ahead Of June Fomc 
04/05/16 06:18*DJ Fed's Lockhart: Noise In Q1 Data Is "Not Immaterial, It Could Be Big" 
04/05/16 06:18*DJ Fed's Lockhart: Brexit Is Example Of Discrete Event That Policymakers Cannot Ignore 
04/05/16 06:18*DJ Fed's Lockhart: Doesn't Have "Firm Opinion" On Balance Of Risks Ahead Of June