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DowJones News Wire
27/08/14 04:25DJ Newmont Unit To Withdraw Arbitration Against Indonesia 
27/08/14 04:24*DJ Whitehaven Coal Says Increased Debt Used to Fund Maules Creek Project 
27/08/14 04:23*DJ Whitehaven Coal Says Won't Pay a Final Dividend 
27/08/14 04:22*DJ Whitehaven Coal FY14 Net Loss A$38.4 Million 
27/08/14 04:21*DJ Lend Lease: Comfortable With Consensus FY15 Profit Expectation 
27/08/14 04:21Press Release: AsiaBaseMetals Announces Option Agreement to Acquire Jean Property 
27/08/14 04:21*DJ Lend Lease Says Outlook Remains Positive 
27/08/14 04:20DJ Interbank Foreign Exchange Rates At 18:50 EST / 2250 GMT 
27/08/14 04:19*DJ Lend Lease FY Revenue A$13.94 Bln, Up 5.9% 
27/08/14 04:19*DJ Lend Lease Declares Final Dividend of A$0.49 a Share 
27/08/14 04:18*DJ Lend Lease FY Net Profit A$822.9M Vs A$549M 
27/08/14 04:18DJ USDA Phillip, South Dakota Livestock Auction - Aug 26 
27/08/14 04:17DJ Texas Federal Prosecutor Saldana Is Leading Candidate to Run ICE 
27/08/14 04:16*DJ Newmont Mining Unit to Resume Talks in Indonesia Export Tax Dispute 
27/08/14 04:16*DJ Newmont Mining Unit to Withdraw Arbitration Filing Against Indonesia 
27/08/14 04:15*DJ Sims Metal Appoints Remy Executive Fred Knechtel as CFO 
27/08/14 04:15Press Release: Roxgold Reports Financial Results For Second Quarter 2014 
27/08/14 04:15Press Release: Roxgold Reports Financial Results -2- 
27/08/14 04:13DJ Putin Plays Down Ukraine's Allegation of Russian Troops Crossing the Border 
27/08/14 04:09*DJ Sarah Saldana, U.S. Attorney in Northern District of Texas, is ICE Frontrunner -- Sources