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DowJones News Wire
18/01/18 03:07DJ CME NASDAQ 100 Close - Jan 17 
18/01/18 03:07*DJ BHP Expects 1H Effective Tax Rate Below FY Guidance of 32%-37% 
18/01/18 03:06DJ USDA Texas/OK Daily Direct Slaughter Cattle Negotiated Purchase-PM - Jan 17 
18/01/18 03:06DJ USDA Kansas Daily Direct Sltr Cattle Neg Purch-PM - Jan 17 
18/01/18 03:04*DJ BHP CEO: Expecting 6% Volume Growth for the Full Year 
18/01/18 03:04DJ KC Wheat Protein Premium Scale - Jan 17 
18/01/18 03:04DJ USDA Natl Cutter Cow Cutout/Boxed Cow Cuts Neg-PM -2- 
18/01/18 03:04DJ USDA Natl Cutter Cow Cutout/Boxed Cow Cuts Neg-PM - Jan 17 
18/01/18 03:02*DJ BHP 1H Copper Production 833,000 Tons, Up 17% on Year 
18/01/18 03:02*DJ BHP 1H Iron Ore Production 117 Mln Tons, Flat on Year 
18/01/18 03:02*DJ Whitehaven 2Q Coal Sales 5.8 Million Tons, Up 10% on Year 
18/01/18 03:02*DJ BHP 1H Metallurgical Coal Production 20 Mln Tons, Down 4% on Year 
18/01/18 03:02*DJ BHP Billiton 1H Petroleum Production 99 Mln Barrels, Down 7% on Year 
18/01/18 03:01*DJ Whitehaven 2Q Saleable Coal Output 5.0 Million Tons 
18/01/18 03:01*DJ BHP 1H Underlying Ebit to Include US$250M-US$350M in Impairment Charges 
18/01/18 03:01*DJ Whitehaven 2Q Run-of Mine Coal Output 5.4 Million Tons 
18/01/18 03:00DJ ICE Futures U.S. Crossrate Currencies Close - Jan 17 
18/01/18 03:00DJ European Stock Index Futures Hourly Price Update 
18/01/18 03:00*DJ BHP Says All Major Projkects Under Development Tracking to Plan 
18/01/18 03:00*DJ BHP Expects US Rig Count to Fall as it Prepared for Shale Exit