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24/04/17 03:35DJ Australia Cotton Weather - Apr 23 
24/04/17 03:33*DJ Oz Minerals Price Target Cut 1.4% to A$7.20/Share by Canaccord Genuity 
24/04/17 03:17DJ Obama to Appear at Chicago Event 
24/04/17 02:48DJ Market Talk Roundup: Latest on Trump, U.S. Politics 
24/04/17 02:48DJ North Korea Arrests U.S. Citizen --4th Update 
24/04/17 02:28DJ Across Mideast, Mattis Delivers Trump's Message of Reassurance 
24/04/17 02:08*DJ Macron Pledges to Be the Voice of Hope for France, Europe 
24/04/17 02:08*DJ Macron: Wants to Break With a System Unable to Address France's Problems 
24/04/17 01:50DJ How Theresa May's Election Gamble Could Backfire 
24/04/17 01:38DJ Euro Hits Five-Month High on French Election -- Update 
24/04/17 01:04DJ Euro Hits Five-Month High on French Election 
24/04/17 00:42DJ Macron, Le Pen Projected to Win, in Good News for Europe's Mainstream 
24/04/17 00:30DJ Global Economy Week Ahead: U.S. and U.K. GDP, Bank of Japan and ECB Meetings 
24/04/17 00:15DJ U.S. Midwest Soybeans Weather - Apr 23 
23/04/17 23:50*DJ Socialist Candidate Hamon Calls on Supporters to Vote for Macron in Second Round of French Elections 
23/04/17 23:35*DJ Pollsters Project Emmanuel Macron, Marine Le Pen Each Garnering 23% in First Round of Vote 
23/04/17 23:31*DJ Polls Project Macron and Le Pen Winning First Round of French Presidential Election 
23/04/17 23:01DJ U.S. Tobacco Industry Rebounds From Its Near-Death Experience 
23/04/17 23:01DJ U.S. Tobacco Industry Rebounds From Its -2- 
23/04/17 22:58DJ Trump Issues New Warnings on Demise of Affordable Care Act