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20/01/18 13:02DJ U.S. Elevates Philippine War Effort -- WSJ 
20/01/18 13:02DJ Stocks Get Boost From Earnings Season -- WSJ 
20/01/18 13:02DJ Trump Is Still Their Man -- WSJ -2- 
20/01/18 13:02DJ U.S. to Topple Saudis in Oil Output -- WSJ 
20/01/18 13:02DJ Fed's Supervision Official Frames Deregulation Slate -- WSJ 
20/01/18 13:02DJ ADM in Takeover Move on Bunge -- WSJ 
20/01/18 13:02DJ CFTC Takes Aim At Crypto Fraud -- WSJ 
20/01/18 13:02DJ Facebook To Rank News Sources -- WSJ 
20/01/18 13:02DJ Pope's Defense of Bishop Criticized -- WSJ 
20/01/18 13:02DJ Inflation Signs Please Bank of Japan -- WSJ 
20/01/18 13:02DJ Trump Is Still Their Man -- WSJ 
20/01/18 13:02DJ Commodities Report: Oil Slips on Unease Over U.S. Output -- WSJ 
20/01/18 12:15DJ U.S. Midwest Soybeans Weather - Jan 20 
20/01/18 10:34*DJ Deadline Passes Without Spending Bill, Triggering U.S. Govt Shutdown 
20/01/18 10:20DJ Interbank Foreign Exchange Rates At 23:50 EST / 0450 GMT 
20/01/18 10:00DJ European Stock Index Futures Hourly Price Update 
20/01/18 10:00DJ Nymex/Comex Globex Metals Futures Hourly Price Update 
20/01/18 09:45DJ e/cbot Grains/Oilseeds Futures Hourly Price Update 
20/01/18 09:38DJ Republicans Release Memo Drawn From Highly Classified Information -- Update 
20/01/18 09:35DJ William Priest: Bullish on Screen Technology and Chip Gear -- Barrons.com