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Western FSU Wheat Weather - Sep 22

22 Sep 2017 5:05 am
West and South Russia (Central Region, Black Soils region, Volga valley, 
Southern Russia) 
Highlights: Dry conditions. Temperatures variable. 
 Days 1-3: Dry conditions. Temperatures near to below normal. 
 Days 4-5: Dry conditions. Temperatures near to below normal. 
Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus 
Highlights:  Scattered light showers. Temperatures variable. 
 Days 1-3: Episodes of scattered showers and thunderstorms Friday-Saturday. Dry 
conditions or just a few light showers Sunday. Temperatures near to below 
 Days 4-5: Mostly dry weather Monday-Tuesday. Temperatures near to below 
    Some beneficial rainfall for planting and emergence of winter wheat  in the 
southern plains during the next 7 days. 
    Favorable conditions for developing wheat in central Argentina. 
    Mostly favorable conditions for maturing and harvesting spring wheat in 
Russia and northern Kazakh. 
    Mostly favorable weather for planting winter wheat in Ukraine, west and 
south Russia at this time. Dryness is of some concern for key growing areas in 
southeast Ukraine and south Russia. 
    More rain would benefit vegetative to reproductive wheat in West and 
vegetative wheat in southeast Australia at this time. Dryness continues to 
stress wheat grown in northern NSW and southern Queensland further reducing 
yield prospects. 
    No significant delays to the wheat harvest in the Canadian Prairies. 
Harvest progress is running ahead of normal. 

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September 22, 2017 01:05 ET (05:05 GMT)
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