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Western FSU Wheat Weather - Jun 7

7 Jun 2017 5:05 am
West and South Russia (Central Region, Black Soils region, Volga valley, 
Southern Russia) 
Highlights: Mostly dry or with only a few light showers during the past 24 
hours. Temperatures averaged near to above normal west, near to below normal 
 Days 1-3: Mostly dry or with only a few light showers today and Wednesday. 
Scattered light showers during Thursday. Temperatures average near to above 
normal through Wednesday, somewhat cooler during Thursday. 
 Days 4-6: Light to moderate showers favoring southern and eastern areas during 
Friday. Drier Saturday. Dry or with only a few light showers with locally 
heavier during Sunday. Temperatures average below normal Friday and Saturday, 
near to below normal Sunday. 
Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus 
Highlights: Mostly dry or with only a few light showers during the past 24 
hours. Temperatures averaged near to mostly above normal yesterday. 
 Days 1-3: Dry or with only a few light showers favoring western and 
north-central Ukraine today. Scattered to widely scattered light and moderate 
showers develop in the west and spread east tomorrow and Thursday. Temperatures 
average above normal today and Wednesday, somewhat cooler Thursday. 
 Days 4-6: Mostly dry Friday. Light to moderate showers and thundershowers 
favoring western and southern Ukraine and Moldova during the weekend period. 
Temperatures average near to above normal Friday, cooler in the west and 
continued warm east during the weekend. 
    Less rainfall will benefit maturing wheat and the increasing harvest in the 
    Drier weather benefits maturing wheat and the early harvest in the 
southeast Midwest. The harvest is ongoing in the Delta states. 
    More rain would benefit developing spring wheat in the northern Plains. 
    Winter wheat in west and central Europe is reported to be in fair to good 
condition at this time. Reports suggest that winter wheat is in filling to 
maturing growth stages in Europe. West Europe wheat areas are under a variable 
temperature pattern at this time. Wheat in east Europe is reported to be in 
good to excellent condition at this time. 
    Recent rainfall through Ukraine will help maintain or improve prospects for 
winter wheat in reproductive to filling growth stages at this time. Warmer 
weather will, at times, favor development. However, period of cooler 
temperatures are also possible. Dryness remains of some concern in 
north-central Ukraine. 
   Mostly favorable conditions for winter wheat through east-central China at 
this time. Wheat is likely filling to maturing at this time. A brief hot spell 
late in May and very early in June is not that concerning. Periods of rain may 
delay the harvest. 
   Wheat planting in Australia normally takes place during May and June. 
Rainfall has recently improved soil moisture key growing areas. Dryness remains 
a concern in parts of the west and in the northeast growing areas. Little 
rainfall is likely in any wheat areas during this week. 

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June 07, 2017 01:05 ET (05:05 GMT)
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