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Western FSU Wheat Weather - Jul 26

26 Jul 2018 5:05 am
West and South Russia (Central Region, Black Soils region, Volga valley, 
Southern Russia...(SR=Rostov Oblast, Krasnodar Krai, Stravropol Krai, Northern 
Highlights: Mostly dry or with only a few light showers favoring western areas 
during the past 24 hours. Temperatures averaged above normal. Highs yesterday 
were 88 to 91f in southern Russia. 
 Days 1-3: Mostly dry or with only a few light showers with isolated heavier 
during this period. Temperatures average above normal, well above normal 
Southern Russia. Highs in the south during this period will mostly range from 
the low to the middle 90s F. 
 Days 4-6: Mostly dry or with only a few light showers during this period. 
Temperatures average above to well above normal Saturday and Sunday. Cooler 
Monday, especially through north and central areas. 
Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus 
Highlights: Light to locally moderate showers with isolated heavier through 
southwest and central areas of Ukraine, northern Moldova and southeast Belarus. 
Only a few light or very light showers otherwise. Temperatures averaged above 
normal. Highs mostly 77 to 92 F yesterday, hottest in southeast Ukraine. 
 Days 1-3: Light to moderate showers and thundershowers with locally heavier 
possible through central and northeast Ukraine today. Light to locally moderate 
showers favoring western areas tomorrow and Friday. Temperatures average above 
normal. Highs 70s and low 80s west, 80s to near 90 east. 
 Days 4-6: Mostly dry or with only a few afternoon or evening thundershowers, 
favoring western Ukraine, during this period. Temperatures above normal. 
    Favorable conditions for maturing spring wheat in the northern plains. The 
harvest is underway in South Dakota. 
    Shower activity will maintain favorable growing conditions for some spring 
wheat areas of the northern and eastern Canadian Prairies. Southwestern and 
south-central growing areas remain too dry with little rain expected this week. 
    Spring wheat from the Volga valley of Russia through Siberia and northern 
Kazakh remain in good condition due to a variable temperature pattern and 
episodes of timely shower activity. 
    Dryness and drought during the spring and early Summer reported to have 
impacted winter wheat prospects in northern Europe and Scandinavia. Impacts 
have been reported in England, France, Germany, Poland and Scandinavia. Dryness 
may have also impacted spring wheat development in Poland, however rain has 
recently occurred in this area, easing concerns. 
    Prior drier, warm to hot weather across the North China Plain favored 
mature winter wheat and harvesting. 
    Dryness and drought continues to impact winter wheat in northern New South 
Wales and southern Queensland, despite earlier shower activity. A more 
favorable weather pattern in wheat areas of West Australia and through the 

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July 26, 2018 01:05 ET (05:05 GMT)
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