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U.S. Midwest SRW Wheat Weather - Apr 11

11 Apr 2018 5:25 am
Midwest corn, soybean and winter wheat highlights 
West: Dry conditions. Temperatures much below normal. 
East: Dry conditions or just a little light precipitation. Temperatures much 
below normal. 
Midwest corn, soybeans and winter wheat forecasts 
West: Dry weather Tuesday. Chance of some light rain in the north Wednesday. 
Dry weather Thursday. Episodes of rain Friday and mixed precipitation Saturday. 
Moderate to heavy totals are expected. Dry conditions or just some light 
precipitation in the east Sunday. Dry weather Monday. Temperatures  below to 
much below normal Tuesday, variable Wednesday-Saturday, below normal 
East: Dry weather Tuesday. Dry conditions or just a little little light rain 
Wednesday-Thursday, Episodes of rain Friday-Saturday. Rain or some mixed 
precipitation Sunday. Moderate to heavy totals are expected. Temperatures below 
to much below normal Tuesday, near to below normal Wednesday, above normal 
Thursday-Saturday, variable Sunday, below normal Monday. 
6 to 10 day outlook: Temperatures variable. Precipitation near to above normal. 
    Dry weather continues to stress winter wheat in much of the southern 
plains. Crop conditions are poor in many areas. 
    Recent warm temperatures and rain in Turkey will favor development of wheat 
running well ahead of normal due to the well above normal temperatures. Recent 
reports suggest wheat has entered the jointing stage and will benefit from 
showers this week and continued warm temperatures. 
    Wheat areas of Ukraine, west and south Russia have been warmer during the 
past week. Snow cover is diminishing as is normal for the season. Moisture for 
this crop should be adequate to surplus as this snow cover melts. Wheat remains 
dormant and somewhat behind normal development. 
    Winter wheat areas of Europe have been warmer again during the past week. 
Recent episodes of rain will provide favorable moisture for crops in western 
and central Europe during the coming weeks. Wheat in Spain ranges from 
vegetative growth to reproductive growth and will benefit from above normal 
winter and early spring rains. 
   An increase in rain activity through east-central China during March will 
help improve soil moisture and irrigation in key winter wheat areas. Wheat is 
likely breaking dormancy due to recent warmth. The region turned colder late 
last week but should be warmer again during this week. Prospects remain good 
through southern areas. Northern locations could use more rain to supplement 
irrigation at this time. 
   Winter and early spring rainfall averaged above normal in Morocco, Algeria 
and Tunisia. The added moisture will favor jointing to reproductive winter 
wheat. Reports suggest that prospects for this crop remain good to excellent. 
   A few showers and cooler temperatures have developed in winter wheat areas 
of India since late last week. Showers at this time of year are neutral at best 
and may be unfavorable for the maturing crop. 
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April 11, 2018 01:25 ET (05:25 GMT)
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