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U.S. Midwest Soybeans Weather - Jan 14

14 Jan 2018 6:45 am
Midwest corn, soybean and winter wheat highlights 
West: Some light precipitation over southern and eastern areas. Temperatures 
East: Light to moderate rain with locally heavier. Temperatures much above 
Midwest Corn, Soybeans and Winter Wheat Forecast 
West: Dry weather Friday-Saturday.  Light snow Sunday. Dry weather 
Monday-Thursday. Temperatures below to much below normal through Wednesday, 
near to above normal Thursday. 
East: Light to moderate mixed precipitation Friday. Dry weather 
Saturday-Sunday. Light snow Monday. Dry weather Tuesday-Thursday. Temperatures 
near to above normal Friday, below to much below normal Saturday-Thursday. 
6 to 10 day outlook: Temperatures variable. Precipitation below normal west, 
near to above normal east. 
    Mostly favorable weather for developing soybeans throughout Brazil although 
more rain would benefit in Rio Grande do Sul. Some is expected during the next 
5 days. 
    Little rainfall and hot temperatures in central Argentina this week will 
deplete soil moisture and increase stress on corn and soybeans, especially any 
pollinating corn. Moderate to heavy rain along with cooler temperatures are 
expected over the weekend. 
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January 14, 2018 01:45 ET (06:45 GMT)
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