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U.S. Midwest Soybeans Weather - Aug 20

20 Aug 2017 12:45 pm
Midwest corn, soybean and winter wheat highlights 
West: A few light showers favoring north and west areas yesterday or last 
night. Temperatures averaged near to below normal yesterday. 
East: Light to moderate showers with locally heavier occurred through eastern 
Indiana, Ohio and southeast Michigan during the past 24 hours. Very light 
showers in western Indiana, southwest Michigan and Wisconsin. Little elsewhere 
in the region. Temperatures averaged near to mostly above normal. 
Midwest Corn, Soybeans and Winter Wheat Forecast 
West: Moderate to locally heavy showers and thundershowers favoring southern 
Iowa and northern Missouri Sunday, central and eastern Iowa and northern 
Missouri Monday. Mainly dry during Tuesday. Temperatures average near to mostly 
above normal today, below normal north and above normal south Monday, below 
normal Tuesday. 
   Mostly dry Wednesday and Thursday. Dry or with only a few light showers, 
favoring western areas, during Friday. Temperatures average below normal 
Wednesday and Thursday, near to below normal Friday. 
East: Chance for showers developing in northwest and far west areas late today 
or during tonight. Mostly dry elsewhere in the region during this time. 
Scattered moderate to heavy showers and thundershowers through Wisconsin, north 
and west Illinois during Monday. Light to locally moderate showers elsewhere in 
the region during Monday night or during Tuesday. Temperatures average above 
normal today and Monday, near to below normal Tuesday. 
   Mostly dry Wednesday through Friday. Temperatures average below normal 
during this period. 
6 to 10 day outlook...Temperatures are expected to average near to below 
normal. Rainfall should average near to below normal west, near to above normal 
    Widespread rain during the weekend and early this week will help improve 
conditions for filling soybeans through the western Midwest region, except in 
areas of local flooding. Mostly favorable conditions for filling soybeans in 
the eastern Midwest. 
    Rainfall through northern plains soybean areas remains fairly limited this 
week but may increase some at the end of the week. Rain is still needed in much 
of the region to support filling soybeans. 
    Beneficial rains for filling soybeans in the Delta states during the past 
    More rain is needed for reproductive to filling soybeans in northeast 
China. The region should see some rain and cooler temperatures during this 
    Favorable conditions for developing soybeans in Madhya Pradesh India. 
Increasing rainfall during the weekend and early this week will help maintain 
favorable conditions for soybeans. 
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August 20, 2017 08:45 ET (12:45 GMT)
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