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Southeast Asia Coffee Weather - Jan 1

1 Jan 2017 11:05 pm
Myanmar Highlights: Mainly dry or with only a few showers through southeast 
areas during the next few days. Seasonal temperatures. 
Thailand Highlights: Mostly dry or with only isolated light showers during the 
next few days. Temperatures near to above normal. 
Vietnam Highlights: Showers or rain through southeast to east-central areas 
Friday into Saturday. Somewhat drier during Sunday. Seasonal temperatures 
during the period. 
Philippines Highlights: Showers and thundershowers mainly through central and 
southeast areas Friday and Saturday. Heavier showers and thundershowers 
developed in the south during Sunday. 
Malaysia Highlights: Episodes of scattered showers and thunderstorms the next 
few days. Temperatures near normal. 
Indonesia Highlights: Episodes of scattered showers and thunderstorms the next 
few days. Temperatures near normal. 
    Mostly favorable conditions for the budding trees in Brazil although a 
trend towards warmer, drier weather depletes soil moisture. 
    Generally favorable conditions for the harvest in Mexico and Central 
    The main crop harvest is ongoing in Colombia. 
    Rain occurred in the coffee areas of central Vietnam during October due a 
tropical depression. Rain also occurred in the region during November and in 
December. Rain maintains adequate to surplus soil moisture for the trees but 
the heavy rain delays the harvest and also impacts transportation and 
    Episodes of scattered rains continue through coffee areas of southern 
Indonesia. This maintains favorable conditions for development of coffee but 
may delay season fieldwork. 
    Drier, warmer weather in West Africa coffee areas during November and 
December will favor the maturing crop and harvesting. The east Africa coffee 
growing region has also recently turned drier. Soil moisture should be adequate 
for central and south areas after recent showers but it may be too dry through 
the northern areas. 
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January 01, 2017 18:05 ET (23:05 GMT)
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