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Press Release: Teranga Gold Reports Second Round -12-

3 Apr 2017 6:30 am
                                                       gabbroic to granitic in 
                                                       composition. Known 
                                                       mineralisation is 
                                                       structurally controlled 
                                                       and widely associated 
                                                       with silicification, 
                                                       quartz veining, iron 
                                                       carbonate, sericite, 
                                                       pyrite and locally 
                                                       albitic alteration. 
                                                       Both the mafic 
                                                       packages and the coarse 
                                                       grained intrusive rocks 
                                                       host significant 
                                                       mineralisation in the 
                                                       project area. 
--------------------  ----  -------------------  ----  ----------------------- 
Drill hole                  - A summary of all         - All drill hole collar 
Information                 information                locations, azimuth, dip 
                            material to the            and gold assay 
                            understanding of           intercept data received 
                            the exploration            to date is available on 
                            results including a        the Teranga Gold 
                            tabulation of the          company website at 
                            following                  http://www.terangagold. 
                            information for all        com/. All same 
                            Material drill             information for the 
                            holes: - easting           current drill program 
                            and northing of the        results are designated 
                            drill hole collar -        within the assay Tables 
                            elevation or RL            herein. 
                            (Reduced Level -- 
                            elevation above sea 
                            level in metres) of 
                            the drill hole 
                            collar - dip and 
                            azimuth of the hole 
                            - down hole length 
                            and interception 
                            depth - hole 
                            - If the exclusion         - Not Applicable. 
                            of this information 
                            is justified on the 
                            basis that the 
                            information is not 
                            Material and this 
                            exclusion does not 
                            detract from the 
                            understanding of 
                            the report, the 
                            Competent Person 
                            should clearly 
                            explain why this is 
                            the case. 
--------------------  ----  -------------------  ----  ----------------------- 
Data aggregation            - In reporting             - Gold intercepts are 
methods                     Exploration                reported as 
                            Results, weighting         length-weighted average 
                            averaging                  grades in grams per 
                            techniques, maximum        tonne, with a maximum 
                            and/or minimum             of 2 metres internal 
                            grade truncations          dilution and no 
                            (e.g. cutting of           external dilution. 
                            high-grades) and           Assays are not capped 
                            cut-off grades are         prior to averaging. A 
                            usually Material           0.4 g/t Au minimum 
                            and should be              cut-off grade per 
                            stated.                    sample was applied for 
                                                       all reported 
                            - Where aggregate          - Grade intersections 
                            intercepts                 and inclusive higher 
                            incorporate short          grade intersections are 
                            lengths of high            reported separately and 
                            grade results and          available on the 
                            longer lengths of          Teranga Gold company 
                            low grade results,         website at 
                            the procedure used         http://www.terangagold. 
                            for such                   com/. Similarly, higher 
                            aggregation should         grade intervals within 
                            be stated and some         the broader reported 
                            typical examples of        intervals have been 
                            such aggregations          separated and 
                            should be shown in         designated within the 
                            detail.                    Tables herein. 
                            - The assumptions          - Not Applicable. 
                            used for any 
                            reporting of metal 
                            equivalent values 
                            should be clearly 
--------------------  ----  -------------------  ----  ----------------------- 
Relationship between        - These                    - Down hole core 
mineralisation              relationships are          lengths are reported, 
widths and intercept        particularly               as true widths have not 
lengths                     important in the           yet been determined. 
                            reporting of 
                            - If the geometry          - Not Applicable. 
                            of the 
                            mineralisation with 
                            respect to the 
                            drill hole angle is 
                            known, its nature 
                            should be 
                            - if it is not             - Is included within 
                            known and only the         the Tables herein. 
                            down hole lengths 
                            are reported, there 
                            should be a clear 
                            statement to this 
                            effect (e.g. 'down 
                            hole length, true 
                            width not known'). 
--------------------  ----  -------------------  ----  ----------------------- 
Diagrams                    - Appropriate maps         - A detailed Plan view 
                            and sections (with         map of drill hole 
                            scales) and                collar locations, 
                            tabulations of             (Planned and Completed) 
                            intercepts should          for the Niakafiri drill 
                            be included for any        program is available in 
                            significant                Appendix 1 herein. 
                            discovery being            Representative Sections 
                            reported These             form the current 
                            should include, but        drilling program are 
                            not be limited to a        also included in 
                            plan view of drill         Appendix 1 herein, of 
                            hole collar                this news release. 
                            locations and 
                            sectional views. 
--------------------  ----  -------------------  ----  ----------------------- 
Balanced reporting          - Where                    - A comprehensive 
                            comprehensive              listing of all 
                            reporting of all           significant gold 
                            Exploration Results        intercept results for 
                            is not practicable,        all of the 33 holes 
                            representative             reported in this press 
                            reporting of both          release is presented in 
                            low and high-grades        a complete Table of 
                            and/or widths              results in Appendix 1 
                            should be practiced        herein, of this press 
                            to avoid misleading        release. Results for 
                            reporting of               all 60 holes completed 
                            Exploration                at Niakafiri during 
                            Results.                   this current program 
                                                       are listed in a Table 
                                                       on the Company's 
                                                       website at 

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April 03, 2017 02:30 ET (06:30 GMT)
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