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Press Release: Teranga Gold Reports Second Round -11-

3 Apr 2017 6:30 am
                                                       mineralisation trends 
                                                       were not yet well 
                                                       defined or if the 
                                                       optimal collar location 
                                                       was not accessible. 
                                                       Generally, the majority 
                                                       of drilling is oriented 
                                                       such that the sampling 
                                                       of mineralisation is 
                            - If the relationship      - The small percentage 
                            between the drilling       of holes oriented 
                            orientation and the        oblique to the 
                            orientation of key         mineralisation are 
                            mineralised structures     located in areas with 
                            is considered to have      sufficient drill 
                            introduced a sampling      density oriented 
                            bias, this should be       perpendicular to 
                            assessed and reported      mineralisation, and 
                            if material.               will not introduce a 
                                                       significant sampling 
------------------------    -----------------------    ----------------------- 
Sample Security      - The measures taken to        - Samples are removed from 
                     ensure sample security.        the field immediately upon 
                                                    drilling and stored in a 
                                                    secure compound for sub 
                                                    sampling and preparation 
                                                    for lab dispatch. Samples 
                                                    are delivered directly 
                                                    from the site logging / 
                                                    sampling facility to the 
                                                    on site SGS laboratory or 
                                                    the ALS laboratory in 
                                                    South Africa using 
                                                    securely sealed sample 
                                                    bags and a secure chain of 
                                                    custody. Sample submission 
                                                    forms are sent in paper 
                                                    form with the samples as 
                                                    well as electronically to 
                                                    the laboratory. 
                                                    Reconciliation of samples 
                                                    occurs prior to 
                                                    commencement of sample 
                                                    preparation of 
-----------------    ---------------------------    -------------------------- 
Audits or reviews    - The results of any audits    - All QA/QC data is 
                     or reviews of sampling         reviewed in an ongoing 
                     techniques and data.           hole-by-hole basis and 
                                                    reported both as per hole 
                                                    and in monthly summaries. 
                                                    All QAQC data has been 
                                                    reviewed by the QP's for 
                                                    this release. 
-----------------    ---------------------------    -------------------------- 
Section 2: Reporting of Exploration Results 
(Criteria listed in the preceding section also apply 
 to this section.) 
--------------------  ----  -------------------  ----  ----------------------- 
Criteria                    2012 JORC Code             Commentary 
--------------------  ----  -------------------  ----  ----------------------- 
Mineral tenement and        - Type, reference          - Drilling reported 
land tenure status          name/number,               here has been completed 
                            location and               at the Niakafiri 
                            ownership including        deposit area of the 
                            agreements or              Sabodala Mine Lease in 
                            material issues            Senegal, West Africa. 
                            with third parties 
                            such as joint 
                            royalties, native 
                            title interests, 
                            historical sites, 
                            wilderness or 
                            national park and 
                            - The security of          - Teranga Gold 
                            the tenure held at         Corporation is 100% 
                            the time of                holder of the Sabodala 
                            reporting along            Mine Lease. 
                            with any known 
                            impediments to 
                            obtaining a licence 
                            to operate in the 
                                                       - No historical sites, 
                                                       wilderness or national 
                                                       parks are located in 
                                                       the Mine Lease area. 
                                                       Portions of Niakafiri 
                                                       occur within the limits 
                                                       of the Sabodala 
                                                       - Tenure is considered 
                                                       very secure. 
--------------------  ----  -------------------  ----  ----------------------- 
Exploration done by         -Acknowledgment and        - The majority of the 
other parties               appraisal of               Niakafiri deposit area 
                            exploration by             exploration and 
                            other parties.             resource estimation has 
                                                       been conducted by 
                                                       Teranga Gold 
                                                       Corporation. Two 
                                                       portions, Niakafiri 
                                                       Southwest and Niakafiri 
                                                       Southeast, were drilled 
                                                       by Oromin Explorations 
                                                       Ltd, on behalf of the 
                                                       OJVG between 2005 and 
                                                       2012. Teranga acquired 
                                                       the OJVG in 2013. 
--------------------  ----  -------------------  ----  ----------------------- 
Geology                     - Deposit type,            - The Sabodala Gold 
                            geological setting         Project (Mine Lease and 
                            and style of               Regional Permits) 
                            mineralisation.            covers greenstone belts 
                                                       and intra belt 
                                                       granitoids of the 
                                                       Proterozoic Birimian 
                                                       Shield. The oldest 
                                                       rocks within the 
                                                       concession are 
                                                       interpreted to be 
                                                       tholeitic to 
                                                       calc-alkaline basalts, 
                                                       andesites and 
                                                       Predominately mafic, 
                                                       packages dominate the 
                                                       younger parts of the 
                                                       local stratigraphy. 
                                                       Numerous phases of 
                                                       plutonic activity have 
                                                       intruded the earlier 
                                                       sequences ranging from 

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April 03, 2017 02:30 ET (06:30 GMT)
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