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Press Release: Teranga Gold Reports Second Round -10-

3 Apr 2017 6:30 am
                            adopted (e.g.              blanks and duplicates 
                            standards, blanks,         are regularly inserted 
                            duplicates, external       into the sample 
                            laboratory checks) and     preparation and 
                            whether acceptable         analysis process with 
                            levels of accuracy (ie     approximately 10% of 
                            lack of bias) and          all samples being 
                            precision have been        related to quality 
                            established.               control. 
                                                       - Data is reviewed 
                                                       before being accepted 
                                                       into the database. Any 
                                                       batches failing QAQC 
                                                       analysis are 
                                                       resubmitted for check 
                                                       assays. Dataset QAQC 
                                                       contains acceptable 
                                                       levels of precision and 
------------------------    -----------------------    ----------------------- 
Verification of sampling    - The verification of      - All results and all 
and assaying                significant                significant 
                            intersections by either    intersections have been 
                            independent or             reviewed by staff 
                            alternative company        geologists to check the 
                            personnel.                 geological context. 
                            - The use of twinned       - Some twin core holes 
                            holes.                     have been undertaken in 
                                                       this program to verify 
                                                       and confirm previous RC 
                                                       drilling results. 
                            - Documentation of         - All sample and 
                            primary data, data         recovery data is 
                            entry procedures, data     recorded to paper and 
                            verification, data         electronic forms at the 
                            storage (physical and      time of logging. 
                            electronic) protocols.     Geological logging is 
                                                       directly logged into 
                                                       template log sheets by 
                                                       Toughbook computer. The 
                                                       templates are then 
                                                       provided to an internal 
                                                       database manager for 
                                                       loading in database 
                                                       management software. 
                                                       Referential integrity 
                                                       is checked as part of 
                                                       the data loading 
                            - Discuss any              - No adjustments were 
                            adjustment to assay        made to assay data 
                            data.                      returned from the 
------------------------    -----------------------    ----------------------- 
Location of data points     - Accuracy and quality     - Drill hole collar 
                            of surveys used to         locations were surveyed 
                            locate drill holes         by trained site based 
                            (collar and down-hole      technicians using real 
                            surveys), trenches,        time differential GPS 
                            mine workings and other    (DGPS) to a sub 
                            locations used in          decimetre accuracy in 
                            Mineral Resource           horizontal and vertical 
                            estimation.                position. Vertical 
                                                       precision was 
                                                       supplemented using a 
                                                       Digital Surface Model. 
                                                       Down hole drill hole 
                                                       surveys were undertaken 
                                                       by the drill contractor 
                                                       utilizing a Reflex 
                                                       EZ-Shot downhole survey 
                                                       instrument. Survey 
                                                       intervals were 
                                                       collected at collar, 
                                                       periodic intervals down 
                                                       the hole and end of 
                                                       hole were routinely 
                            -Specification of the      - Both UTM and 
                            grid system used.          mine-grid systems are 
                                                       utilized for locating 
                                                       drill collar 
                            - Quality and adequacy     - Tographic control is 
                            of topographic             based on the Digital 
                            control.                   Surface Model. The 
                                                       quality and accuracy of 
                                                       topographic control is 
                                                       considered to be 
------------------------    -----------------------    ----------------------- 
Data spacing and            - Data spacing for         - Drilling is nominally 
distribution                reporting of               on a 40 m by 40 m 
                            Exploration Results.       spacing, with 
                                                       exceptions based on 
                                                       data interpretation. 
                            - Whether the data         - Geological 
                            spacing and                interpretation based on 
                            distribution is            drill spacing has 
                            sufficient to establish    identified continuity 
                            the degree of              of geology and grade 
                            geological and grade       and is determined to be 
                            continuity appropriate     sufficient for 
                            for the Mineral            estimating Mineral 
                            Resource and Ore           Resources and Mineral 
                            Reserve estimation         Reserves. Experimental 
                            procedure(s) and           variograms generated 
                            classifications            for mineralised zones 
                            applied.                   with sufficient data, 
                                                       have confirmed the 
                                                       grade continuity ranges 
                                                       based on the drill hole 
                            - Whether sample           - Diamond drill core 
                            compositing has been       were sampled on nominal 
                            applied.                   1 meter intervals down 
                                                       the hole, and assayed. 
                                                       Sample compositing was 
                                                       not applied during the 
                                                       current exploration 
                                                       drilling program. 
------------------------    -----------------------    ----------------------- 
Orientation of data in      - Whether the              - Drill hole azimuths 
relation to geological      orientation of sampling    and dips have been 
structure                   achieves unbiased          oriented perpendicular 
                            sampling of possible       to the interpreted 
                            structures and the         mineralised zones in 
                            extent to which this is    order to intersect the 
                            known, considering the     true widths of the 
                            deposit type.              zones as closely as 
                                                       possible. Occasionally, 
                                                       drilling was planned at 
                                                       oblique angles when the 

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April 03, 2017 02:30 ET (06:30 GMT)
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