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PRESS RELEASE: Kibaran Resources Limited: EPANKO -5-

3 Apr 2017 6:51 am
                      considered partial or following 
                      total.                methodology is used 
                                            by Bureau Veritas 
                      For geophysical       for Total Graphitic 
                      tools, spectrometers, Carbon (TGC) 
                      handheld XRF          analyses. 
                      instruments, etc, the 
                      parameters used in    Total carbon is 
                      determining the       measured using LECO 
                      analysis including    technique. The 
                      instrument make and   sample is combusted 
                      model, reading times, in the oxygen 
                      calibrations factors  atmosphere and the 
                      applied and their     IR used to measure 
                      derivation, etc.      the amount of CO2 
                                            produced. The 
                      Nature of quality     calibration of the 
                      control procedures    LECO instrument is 
                      adopted (eg           done by using 
                      standards, blanks,    certified reference 
                      duplicates, external  materials. 
                      laboratory checks) 
                      and whether           For the analysis of 
                      acceptable levels of  Graphitic Carbon, a 
                      accuracy (ie lack of  0.3g sample is 
                      bias) and precision   weighed and roasted 
                      have been             at 550oC to remove 
                      established.          any organic carbon. 
                                            The sample is then 
                                            heated with diluted 
                                            hydrochloric acid to 
                                            remove carbonates. 
                                            After cooling the 
                                            sample is filtered 
                                            and the residue 
                                            rinsed and dried at 
                                            75oC prior to 
                                            analysis by the LECO 
                                            instrument. The 
                                            analyses by LECO are 
                                            done by total 
                                            combustion of sample 
                                            in the oxygen 
                                            atmosphere and using 
                                            IR absorption from 
                                            the resulting CO2 
                                            certificates were 
                                            sent via email from 
                                            the assay laboratory 
                                            to Kibaran. The 
                                            assay data was 
                                            provided to CSA 
                                            Global in the form 
                                            of Microsoft Excel 
                                            files and assay 
                                            certificates. The 
                                            files were imported 
                                            into Datamine. 
                                            QAQC samples are 
                                            inserted at 10% 
                                            frequency with 
                                            Standards, Blanks 
                                            and Field Duplicates 
                                            evenly comprising 
                                            that 10%. 
*Verification of      _The verification of  Senior Kibaran 
sampling and          significant           geological personnel 
assaying*             intersections by      supervised the 
                      either independent or sampling, and 
                      alternative company   alternative 
                      personnel.            personnel verified 
                                            the sampling 
                      The use of twinned    locations. 
                                            Five RC holes were 
                      Documentation of      twinned with diamond 
                      primary data, data    drill holes. 
                      entry procedures, 
                      data verification,    Primary data are 
                      data storage          captured on paper in 
                      (physical and         the field and then 
                      electronic)           re-entered into 
                      protocols.            spreadsheet format 
                                            by the supervising 
                      Discuss any           geologist, to then 
                      adjustment to assay   be loaded into the 
                      data._                company's database. 
                                            All digital logging 
                                            templates contain 
                                            in-built data QAQC 
                                            functionality to 
                                            prevent incorrect 
                                            data entry. 
                                            No adjustments are 
                                            made to any assay 
*Location of data     _Accuracy and quality Drill hole collar 
points*               of surveys used to    locations surveyed 
                      locate drill holes    using a licensed 
                      (collar and down-hole surveyor with 
                      surveys), trenches,   Differential GPS 
                      mine workings and     equipment. 
                      other locations used 
                      in Mineral Resource   UTM Zone 37 South 
                      estimation.           was the grid system 
                      Specification of the 
                      grid system used.     No coordinate 
                                            transformation was 
                      Quality and adequacy  applied to the data. 
                      of topographic 
                      control._             Downhole surveys 
                                            were completed using 
                                            Reflex Ezi-Shot 
                                            tool. Data was 
                                            collected via 
                                            multi-shot for 
                                            diamond holes and 
                                            single-shot for RC. 
                                            Topographic DTM was 
                                            from a LIDAR survey 
                                            flown in 2015. 
*Data spacing and     _Data spacing for     Spacing's are 
distribution*         reporting of          sufficient for 
                      Exploration Results.  estimation and 
                                            reporting of a 
                      Whether the data      Mineral Resource. 
                      spacing and 
                      distribution is       Drill hole locations 
                      sufficient to         are at a nominal 50 
                      establish the degree  m (Y) by 25 m (X) 
                      of geological and     spacing's. Drill 
                      grade continuity      lines were completed 
                      appropriate for the   on an East-West 
                      Mineral Resource and  basis. 
                      Ore Reserve 
                      estimation            Data spacing and 
                      procedure(s) and      distribution are 
                      classifications       sufficient to 
                      applied.              establish the degree 
                                            of geological and 
                      Whether sample        grade continuity. 
                      compositing has been 
                      applied._             No compositing has 
                                            been applied to 
                                            exploration data. 
*Orientation of data  _Whether the          Most holes have been 
in relation to        orientation of        orientated towards 
geological structure* sampling achieves     an azimuth so as to 
                      unbiased sampling of  be able intersect 
                      possible structures   the graphitic 
                      and the extent to     mineralisation in a 
                      which this is known,  perpendicular 
                      considering the       manner. Drill pad 
                      deposit type.         accessibility has 
                                            required an 
                      If the relationship   adjustment to drill 
                      between the drilling  hole orientation to 
                      orientation and the   a few holes. 
                      orientation of key 
                      mineralised           Holes were drilled 
                      structures is         at dips ranging from 
                      considered to have    -50 to -90 degrees, 
                      introduced a sampling to best intercept 
                      bias, this should be  the targeted geology 

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April 03, 2017 02:51 ET (06:51 GMT)
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