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PRESS RELEASE: Kibaran Resources Limited: EPANKO -4-

3 Apr 2017 6:51 am
*Drill sample         _Method of recording  The RC rig sampling 
recovery*             and assessing core    systems are 
                      and chip sample       routinely cleaned to 
                      recoveries and        minimize the 
                      results assessed.     potential for 
                      Measures taken to     Drilling methods are 
                      maximise sample       focused on sample 
                      recovery and ensure   quality. Diamond 
                      representative nature drilling (triple 
                      of the samples.       Tubed HQ diameter 
                                            core) was used to 
                      Whether a             maximise sample 
                      relationship exists   recovery when used. 
                      between sample 
                      recovery and grade    The selection of RC 
                      and whether sample    drilling company, 
                      bias may have         having a water 
                      occurred due to       drilling background 
                      preferential          enables far greater 
                      loss/gain of          control on any water 
                      fine/coarse           present in the 
                      material._            system; ensuring wet 
                                            samples were kept to 
                                            a minimum. 
                                            RC and Diamond holes 
                                            were all assessed 
                                            for the quality of 
                                            samples. This data 
                                            was recorded for 
                                            each interval in the 
                                            logging template. 
                                            Sample techniques 
                                            were chosen to 
                                            ensure the all 
                                            remained highly 
                                            representative of 
                                            the parent interval, 
                                            for example by using 
                                            a 3-tier riffle 
                                            Sample quality and 
                                            recovery was 
                                            recorded for all 
                                            intervals. No 
                                            relationship exists 
                                            between sample 
                                            recovery and grade. 
*Logging*             _Whether core and     All RC holes were 
                      chip samples have     geologically logged 
                      been geologically and using the detailed 
                      geotechnically logged company template, 
                      to a level of detail  based on industry 
                      to support            standards. All 
                      appropriate Mineral   diamond holes were 
                      Resource estimation,  geological and 
                      mining studies and    structurally logged 
                      metallurgical         using the same 
                      studies.              template in addition 
                                            to geotechnical 
                      Whether logging is    logging using a 
                      qualitative or        separate industry 
                      quantitative in       standard template. 
                      nature. Core (or      Logged data is both 
                      costean, channel,     qualitative and 
                      etc) photography.     quantitative 
                                            depending on field 
                      The total length and  being logged. 
                      percentage of the 
                      relevant              Core photography was 
                      intersections         also captured for 
                      logged._              every tray of 
                                            diamond core. 
*Sub-sampling         If core, whether cut  All RC holes were 
techniques and sample or sawn and whether   geologically logged 
preparation*          quarter, half or all  using the detail 
                      core taken.           company template, 
                                            based on industry 
                      If non-core, whether  standards. All 
                      riffled, tube         diamond holes were 
                      sampled, rotary       geological and 
                      split, etc and        structurally logged 
                      whether sampled wet   using the same 
                      or dry.               template in addition 
                                            to geotechnical 
                      For all sample types, logging using a 
                      the nature, quality   separate industry 
                      and appropriateness   standard template. 
                      of the sample         Logged data is both 
                      preparation           qualitative and 
                      technique.            quantitative 
                                            depending on field 
                      Quality control       being logged. 
                      procedures adopted 
                      for all sub-sampling  Core photography was 
                      stages to maximise    also captured for 
                      representivity of     every tray of 
                      samples.              diamond core. 
                      Measures taken to     Trench samples were 
                      ensure that the       representatively 
                      sampling is           collected across 
                      representative of the each 1m interval by 
                      in situ material      3-tier riffle 
                      collected, including  splitter in a dry 
                      for instance results  environment where 
                      for field             ground conditions 
                      duplicate/second-half allowed. 
                                            Diamond samples were 
                      Whether sample sizes  cut to ¼ core using 
                      are appropriate to    a core saw. The same 
                      the grain size of the ¼ for each interval 
                      material being        was samples 
                      sampled.              throughout the 
                                            length of all holes. 
                                            All samples were 
                                            submitted for assay. 
                                            Sample preparation 
                                            at the Bureau 
                                            Veritas laboratory 
                                            involves the 
                                            original sample 
                                            being dried at 80 
                                            for up to 24 hours 
                                            and weighed on 
                                            submission to 
                                            laboratory. Crushing 
                                            to nominal -4 mm. 
                                            Sample is split to 
                                            less than 2 kg 
                                            through linear 
                                            splitter and excess 
                                            retained. Sample 
                                            splits are weighed 
                                            at a frequency of 
                                            1/20 and entered 
                                            into the job results 
                                            file. Pulverising is 
                                            completed using LM2 
                                            mill to 90% passing 
                                            -75 µm. 
                                            QAQC protocols were 
                                            followed, including 
                                            the use of field 
                                            duplicate samples to 
                                            test the primary 
                                            sampling step for 
                                            the RC drilling 
                                            along with certified 
                                            reference material 
                                            and blanks. 
                                            Sample sizes are 
                                            appropriate with 
                                            regard to the grain 
                                            size of the sampled 
*Quality of assay     The nature, quality   Drill samples were 
data and laboratory   and appropriateness   sent to Bureau 
tests*                of the assaying and   Veritas Rustenburg 
                      laboratory procedures (South Africa) for 
                      used and whether the  preparation and 
                      technique is          assaying. The 

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April 03, 2017 02:51 ET (06:51 GMT)
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