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India/Pakistan Winter Wheat Weather - Jul 23

23 Jul 2017 10:10 pm
Pakistan, North India and Bangladesh 
Highlights: Scattered showers and thunderstorms over southern and eastern 
areas. Temperatures near to above normal. 
 Days 1-3: Scattered showers and thunderstorms expanding from the south and 
east towards the north and west. Temperatures near to above normal. 
 Days 4-5: Episodes of scattered showers and thunderstorms. Temperatures near 
to above normal. 
    Limited rainfall along with episodes of above to much above normal 
temperatures stresses filling spring wheat in the northern Plains.  Significant 
crop losses can be expected. Much of the crop is now maturing. 
    The winter wheat harvest is complete in the major growing areas of the 
southern plains. The harvest continues over northern areas. 
    The harvest is nearing completion in the southeast Midwest. 
    Drier weather this week will improve conditions for wheat planting in 
central Argentina. 
    Winter wheat in Europe ranges from mature to harvest at this time. Showers 
may delay the harvest in the north while in the south hot, dry weather favors 
the harvest. Showers in northeast Europe will favor developing spring wheat. 
    Winter wheat in Ukraine, west and south Russia ranges from maturing to 
harvest at this time. No significant concerns for the crop in this stage. 
However, dryness has likely impacted prospects for the crop in the 
north-central Ukraine during the season. 
   Recent showers and warm temperatures favored jointing to reproductive spring 
wheat from the Urals region eastward through northern Kazakh and southern 
Siberia. A cooling trend has developed, along with a few scattered showers. 
   Dryness is of concern in most wheat areas of Australia at this time. Showers 
in West Australia wheat areas, southeast areas and in northeast areas has 
recently improved prospects somewhat but much more rain is needed in many 
locations after a fairly dry June. Cool temperatures associated with the mid 
winter period in Australia will limit stress to the crop. 
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July 23, 2017 18:10 ET (22:10 GMT)
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