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India Rapeseed Weather - Jun 11

11 Jun 2017 10:10 pm
Pakistan, North India and Bangladesh 
Highlights: Scattered light to moderate showers and thundershowers through 
southeast and east areas during the weekend period. A few light showers with 
locally heavier in eastern Pakistan and the western portion of north India 
during this time. Little between these two areas. Temperatures variable across 
the region. 
 Days 1-3: Heavier rains may occur during this period from southern West Bengal 
into Bangladesh and far east India, associated with the development of seasonal 
rains. Elsewhere in the region fair skies with a few afternoon or evening 
thundershowers possible in low coverage. Temperatures somewhat hotter central 
and west, somewhat cooler east. 
 Days 4-5: Scattered showers and thundershowers favoring north-central and 
eastern areas during this period. Isolated to widely scattered showers 
otherwise. Tempertaures average near to below normal. 
Gujarat Region and West Madhya Pradesh India 
Highlights: Light showers with locally heavier, favoring southern and some 
central areas, during the weekend period. Temperatures near to slightly below 
  Days 1-3: Chance for scattered to widely scattered showers and thundershowers 
during this period, possibly favoring Gujarat and southern areas of West Madhya 
Pradesh. Temperatures average near to below normal. 
 Days 4-5: Scattered showers and thundershowers may cover much of the region 
during this period. Temperatures average near to below normal. 
South India 
Highlights: Moderate to heavy rain or showers through west coastal areas and 
through east-central to northeast areas of the south India region during the 
weekend. Scattered to widely scattered light to moderate showers with locally 
heavier elsewhere in the region during the weekend. Temperatures near to mostly 
below normal, except possibly a little above normal in southeast areas. 
 Days 1-3: Episodes of scattered showers and thundershowers may favor southern 
and western to northwestern areas during this period. The northeast may turn 
somewhat drier during this time. Seasonal temperatures. 
    Episodes of showers in oil palm areas of Malaysia and Sumatra, Indonesia 
will maintain adequate soil moisture. This will likely maintain favorable yield 
prospects for this crop. 
    Increasing shower activity will supply the moisture needed to plant the 
Kharif groundnut crop in India. 
    Episodes of rain through the Yangtze river valley of eastern China may 
delay the harvest of winter rapeseed. 
   Spring rainfall and warmer temperatures will help improve and maintain 
conditions for reproductive to filling winter rapeseed in Europe. Improved 
rainfall also favors planting and early development of sunflower in Europe at 
this time. The region is under a variable temperature pattern at this time. 
   Mostly favorable conditions at this time for planting and early development 
of sunflower in south and east Ukraine and south Russia. 
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June 11, 2017 18:10 ET (22:10 GMT)
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