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India Rapeseed Weather - Jan 29

29 Jan 2017 11:10 pm
Pakistan, North India and Bangladesh 
Highlights: Showers, 0.08-0.47 inch (2-12 mm) and locally heavier, in northern 
and eastern Uttar Pradesh and in Bihar India Friday. Drier elsewhere in the 
region Friday. Mostly dry during the weekend. Temperatures averaged below 
normal west and above normal east Friday. The west turned somewhat warmer while 
the northeast turned somewhat cooler during the weekend. 
 Days 1-3: Slight chance for light showers in far north areas of Pakistan 
Monday, dry elsewhere in the region Monday. Mostly dry Tuesday and Wednesday. 
Temperatures average near to above normal during this period. 
 Days 4-5: Mostly dry or with only a few light showers possible in western and 
northern Pakistan during this period. Temperatures average near to above 
Gujarat Region and West Madhya Pradesh India 
Highlights: Mostly dry during the weekend period. Temperatures were somewhat 
cooler Friday but it turned warmer again during the weekend. 
  Days 1-3: Mostly dry. Temperatures average above normal. 
South India 
Highlights: Moderate to locally heavy showers and thundershowers over Sri 
Lanka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala India during Friday. Scattered light showers with 
locally heavier in these areas during the weekend. Mostly dry elsewhere in the 
region. Temperatures averaged near to below normal in the south, near to above 
normal central and north. 
 Days 1-3: Mostly dry during this period. Temperatures average near to above 
normal, mostly above normal through western areas. 
 Days 4-5: Mostly dry. Temperatures average above normal. 
    Episodes of showers in oil palm areas of Malaysia and Sumatra will maintain 
adequate soil moisture. This will likely maintain favorable yield prospects for 
this crop. However, some areas may need more rain to maintain current yield 
prospects following less than Ideal rainfall. 
    Late season rain improved prospects for groundnuts in Maharashtra and 
Gujarat, India. However, the region seasonally dry at this time. The Rabi crop 
will rely on irrigation but is under stress due to above normal temperatures 
and an early end to the Monsoon rain. 
   Mostly favorable conditions at time for the winter rapeseed crop grown near 
the Yangtze river in eastern China. 
   Mostly favorable conditions at this time for dormant winter rapeseed in 
Europe. The eastern Europe crop belt has turned much colder during this month. 
Much of this crop area has enough snow cover to protect the crop but areas 
where snow is thin may be somewhat at risk. 
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January 29, 2017 18:10 ET (23:10 GMT)
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