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G7 Political, Economic Calendar -- Week Ahead

11 Apr 2018 5:55 am
All dates are in GMT. 
Wednesday, April 11, 2018                                      Exp        Prev 
0800  ITA  Feb      Retail Sales 
                       Retail Sales, M/M%                                 -0.5% 
0830  UK   Feb      Index of Production 
                       Indus Prod, Rolling 3-Mos %Chg                     +0.2% 
                       Indus Prod, M/M%                        +0.6%      +1.3% 
                       Indus Prod, Y/Y%                        +3.1%      +1.6% 
                       Mfg Output, Rolling 3-Mos %Chg                     +0.9% 
                       Mfg Output, M/M%                        +0.2%      +0.1% 
                       Mfg Output, Y/Y%                        +3.3%      +2.7% 
0830  UK   Feb      UK trade 
                       Global Goods-SA (GBP)                   -12.0B     -12.3B 
                       Non-EU Goods-SA (GBP)                              -3.9B 
1000  FRA  Feb      OECD Harmonised Unemployment Rates 
1100  US   04/06    MBA Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey 
                       Composite Idx                                      388.1 
                       Composite Idx, W/W%                                -3.3% 
                       Purchase Idx-SA                                    252.3 
                       Purchase Idx-SA, W/W%                              -2.1% 
                       Refinance Idx                                      1130.1 
                       Refinance Idx, W/W%                                -4.9% 
1100  EU            ECB President Mario Draghi holds Q&A session with GEURSA 
1200  UK   Mar      NIESR Monthly GDP Estimates 
1230  US   Mar      Real Earnings 
1230  US   Mar      CPI 
                       CPI, M/M%                               +0.0%      +0.2% 
                       Core CPI, M/M%                          +0.2%      +0.2% 
                       Energy Idx, M/M%                                   +0.1% 
                       Food Idx, M/M%                                     +0.0% 
                       Real Avg Wkly Pay-Infla Adj, M/M%                  +0.3% 
                       CPI, Y/Y%                               +2.4%      +2.2% 
                       Core Annual, Y/Y%                       +2.1%      +1.8% 
1430  US            U.S. Treasury Sec Mnuchin testifies to House Appropriations 
                    subcommittee hearing 
1430  US   04/06    EIA Weekly Petroleum Status Report 
                       Crude Oil Stocks (Bbl)                             425.332M 
                       Crude Oil Stocks, Net Chg (Bbl)         -0.5M      -4.617M 
                       Gasoline Stocks (Bbl)                              238.477M 
                       Gasoline Stocks, Net Chg (Bbl)          -1.4M      -1.116M 
                       Distillate Stocks (Bbl)                            129.491M 
                       Distillate Stocks, Net Chg (Bbl)        -0.2M      +0.537M 
                       Refinery Usage                          93.0%      93.0% 
                       Total Prod Supplied (Bbl/day)                      21.217M 
                       Total Prod Supplied, Net Chg (Bbl/day)             +0.3M 
1800  US   Mar      Monthly Treasury Statement of Receipts & Outlays of the U.S. 
1800  US            Federal Open Market Committee meeting minutes and economic 
2301  UK   Mar      RICS Residential Market Survey 
                       House Prices                            1          0 
2350  JPN  Mar      Money Stock, Broadly-defined Liquidity 
N/A   GER           German Chancellor Angela Merkel and German Finance Minister 
                    Olaf Scholz hold press conference 
N/A   EU            ECB Governing Council non-monetary policy meeting 
N/A   GER  Feb      Balance of Payments 
                       Current Account (EUR)                              22.0B 
Thursday, April 12, 2018                                       Exp        Prev 
0645  FRA  Mar      CPI 
0730  UK   Q1       Halifax House Price Index: UK Regional Breakdown quarterly 
0800  EU   Mar      Long term interest rates statistics 
0830  UK            Bank of England Credit Conditions Review 
0830  UK   Q1       Bank of England Credit Conditions Survey 
0830  UK   Q1       Bank of England's Bank Liabilities Survey 
0900  EU   Feb      Industrial Production 
                       Indus Output, M/M%                      +0.2%      -1.0% 
                       Indus Output, Y/Y%                      +3.8%      +2.7% 
1130  EU            ECB accounts of its last monetary policy discussions 
1230  US   Mar      Import & Export Price Indexes 
                       Import Prices                           +0.1%      +0.4% 
                       Non-Petroleum Prices                               +0.5% 
                       Petroleum Prices                                   -0.5% 
1230  US            U.S. Weekly Export Sales 
                       Corn (Metric Tons)                                 909.3K 
                       Soybeans (Metric Tons)                             1491.2K 
                       Wheat (Metric Tons)                                309.2K 
1230  CAN  Feb      New Housing Price Index 
                       New House Prices, M/M%                             +0.0% 
                       New House Prices, Y/Y%                             +3.2% 
1230  US   04/07    Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report - Initial Claims 
                       Jobless Claims                          230K       242K 
                       Jobless Claims, Net Chg                            +24K 
                       Continuing Claims                                  1808000 
                       Continuing Claims, Net Chg                         -64K 
1345  US            Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index 
1430  US   04/06    EIA Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report 
                       Working Gas In Storage (Cbf)                       1354B 
                       Working Gas In Storage, Net Chg (Cbf)              -29B 
1600  US   Mar      Monthly U.S. Retail Chain Store Sales Index 
1600  GER           Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann delivers the Ludwig Erhard 
1730  US            SEC Closed Meeting 
2030  US            Money Stock Measures 
2030  US            Federal Discount Window Borrowings 
2030  US            Foreign Central Bank Holdings 
2100  US            FRB Minneapolis President Neel Kashkari speaks at AGC of 
                    Minnesota event 
N/A   US            IMF Fiscal Monitor analytical chapter presentation 
N/A   GER           German Chancellor Angela Merkel meets Danish Prime Minister 
                    Lars Lokke Rasmussen 
Friday, April 13, 2018                                         Exp        Prev 
0430  JPN  Feb      Revised Retail Sales 
0600  GER  Mar      CPI 
                       Overall CPI, M/M%                       +0.4%      +0.5% 
                       Overall Index, Y/Y%                     +1.6%      +1.4% 
0800  FRA  Apr      IEA Oil Market Report 
0900  EU   Feb      Foreign trade 
                       Trade Balance (EUR)                                3.3B 
                       Trade Balance, Prev Yr (EUR)                       -1.4B 
1130  US            FRB Boston President Eric Rosengren speaks at Greater Boston 
                    Chamber of Commerce breakfast 
1300  US            James Bullard speaks at Washington University's Calhoun 
                    Lecture Series 
1400  US   Apr      University of Michigan Survey of Consumers - preliminary 
                       Mid-Mo Sentiment                        100.0      102.0 
                       Mid-Mo Expectations                                88.6 
                       Mid-Mo Current Idx                                 122.8 
1400  US   Feb      Job Openings & Labor Turnover Survey 
1700  US            Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President Robert Kaplan speaks 
                    at Odessa Chamber of Commerce Member Luncheon 
N/A   GER           German Chancellor Angela Merkel meets Serbian President 
                    Aleksandar Vucic 
Sunday, April 15, 2018                                         Exp        Prev 
2301  UK   Apr      Rightmove Monthly House Price Index 
                       House Prices, M/M%                                 +1.5% 
                       House Prices Y/Y%                                  +2.1% 
Monday, April 16, 2018                                         Exp        Prev 
0001  UK   Mar      UK Regional PMI 
1000  FRA  Q4       OECD Quarterly Employment Situation 
1230  CAN  Feb      New motor vehicle sales 
1230  US   Mar      Advance Monthly Sales for Retail & Food Services 
                       Overall Sales-SA, M/M%                             -0.1% 
                       Sales, Ex-Auto, M/M%                               +0.2% 
                       Sales, Ex-Auto & Gas, M/M%                         +0.3% 
1230  US   Apr      Empire State Manufacturing Survey 
                       Mfg Idx                                            22.5 
                       Employment Idx                                     9.4 
                       New Orders Idx                                     16.8 
                       Prices Received                                    22.4 
1230  US            G24 Committee of the Whole 
1400  US   Feb      Manufacturing & Trade: Inventories & Sales 
                       Total Inventories                                  +0.6% 
1400  US   Apr      NAHB Housing Market Index 
                       Housing Mkt Idx                                    70 
2000  US   Feb      Treasury International Capital Data 
2000  US            Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta President Raphael Bostic 
                    speaks at Shoals Chamber of Commerce event 
N/A   UK            Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 
N/A   JPN  Apr      Monthly Economic Report 

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April 11, 2018 01:55 ET (05:55 GMT)

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