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G7 Political, Economic Calendar - Week Ahead

3 Apr 2017 5:55 am
All dates are in GMT. 
Monday, April 3, 2017                                          Exp        Prev 
0745  ITA  Mar      Italy Manufacturing PMI 
                       PMI, Mfg                                           55.0 
0750  FRA  Mar      France Manufacturing PMI 
                       PMI, Mfg                                           52.2 
0755  GER  Mar      Germany Manufacturing PMI 
                       PMI, Mfg                                           56.8 
0800  EU   Mar      Eurozone Manufacturing PMI 
                       PMI, Mfg                                           55.4 
0800  ITA  Feb      Unemployment 
                       Unemployment Rate                                  11.9% 
0830  UK   Mar      CIPS / Markit Manufacturing PMI 
                       PMI, Mfg                                           54.6 
0900  EU   Feb      Unemployment 
                       Jobless Rate                                       9.6% 
0900  EU   Feb      PPI 
                       PPI, M/M%                                          +0.7% 
                       PPI, Y/Y%                                          +3.5% 
                       Ex-Energy PPI, M/M%                                +0.6% 
                       Ex-Energy PPI, Y/Y%                                +1.5% 
1330  CAN  Mar      Canada Manufacturing PMI 
1345  US   Mar      US Manufacturing PMI 
                       PMI, Mfg                                           54.2 
1400  US   Feb      Construction Spending - Construction Put in Place 
                       New Construction                        +1.2%      -1.0% 
                       Residential Construction 
1400  US   Mar      ISM Manufacturing Report on Business 
                       Manufacturing PMI                       57.5       57.7 
                       Prices Idx                                         68.0 
                       Employment Idx                                     54.2 
                       Inventories                                        51.5 
                       New Orders Idx                                     65.1 
                       Production Idx                                     62.9 
1430  US            FRB New York President William Dudley speaks at Household 
1430  CAN           Bank of Canada Business Outlook Survey 
1500  US   Mar      Global Manufacturing PMI 
                       PMI, Mfg                                           52.9 
1500  US            IMF Staff Discussion Note on 'Gone with the Headwinds: Global 
                    Productivity' published 
1500  US            IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde speaks at American 
                    Enterprise Institute 
1900  US            FRB Philadelphia President Patrick Harker speaks at 
                    University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied 
2000  US   Mar      Domestic Auto Industry Sales 
                       Auto Sales Annualized                   17.3M      17.58M 
2100  US            FRB Richmond President Jeffrey Lacker speaks at Washington & 
                    Lee University 
2350  JPN  Mar      Monetary Base 
N/A   US            Global Tracking Framework report launch 
N/A   GER           Angela Merkel meets Slovakian PM Fico and Czech PM Sobotka 
N/A   EU            EU-Mexico trade negotiations round begins 
Tuesday, April 4, 2017                                         Exp        Prev 
0800  ITA  Q4       General Govt Quarterly Accounts 
0830  UK   Mar      CIPS / Markit Construction PMI 
                       PMI, Construction                                  52.5 
0830  UK            Financial Policy Committee record of latest meeting 
0900  EU   Feb      Retail trade 
                       Retail Sales, M/M%                                 -0.1% 
                       Retail Sales, Y/Y%                                 +1.2% 
1000  FRA  Feb      OECD CPI 
1145  US   04/01    The Retail Economist/Goldman Sachs Weekly Chain Store Sales 
                       Chain Store Sales, W/W%                            +3.3% 
                       Chain Store Sales, M/M%                            +1.5% 
1230  US   Feb      U.S. International Trade in Goods & Services 
                       Trade Balance (USD)                     -44.6B     -48.49B 
                       Exports (USD)                                      192.09B 
                       Exports, M/M%                                      +0.6% 
                       Imports (USD)                                      240.59B 
                       Imports, M/M%                                      +2.3% 
1230  CAN  Feb      International merchandise trade 
                       Exports, M/M%                                      +0.5% 
                       Imports, M/M%                                      -0.3% 
                       Trade Balance (CAD)                                807M 
1255  US   04/01    Johnson Redbook Retail Sales Index 
                       Ret Sales Mo-to-Date, M/M%                         -0.7% 
                       Ret Sales Mo-to-Date, Y/Y%                         +1.0% 
                       Latest Wk, Y/Y%                                    +0.6% 
1330  EU            ECB President Mario Draghi speaks at the new EUR50 banknote 
                    launch event 
1345  US   Mar      ISM-NY Report on Business 
                       Business Index                                     51.3 
1400  US   Feb      Manufacturers' Shipments, Inventories & Orders (M3) 
                       Total Orders, M/M%                      +1.0%      +1.2% 
                       Orders, Ex-Defense, M/M%                           +1.0% 
                       Orders, Ex-Transport, M/M%                         +0.3% 
                       Durable Goods, M/M%                                +1.8% 
                       Durable Goods, M/M%                                +2.0% 
1400  US   Apr      IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index 
                       Economic Optimism Idx                              55.3 
                       6-Mo Economic Outlook                              53.6 
2030  US            Federal Reserve Governor Daniel Tarullo speaks at Princeton 
2030  US   03/31    API Weekly Statistical Bulletin 
                       Crude Stocks, Net Chg (Bbls)                       +1.9M 
                       Gasoline Stocks, Net Chg (Bbls)                    -1.1M 
                       Distillate Stocks, Net Chg (Bbls)                  -2.0M 
                       Refinery Runs 
2301  UK   Mar      Shop Price Index 
N/A   GER           German Chancellor Angela Merkel meets Lebanese Prime Minister 
                    Saad Hariri 
Wednesday, April 5, 2017                                       Exp        Prev 
0030  JPN  Mar      Japan Services PMI 
                       PMI, Services                                      51.3 
0745  ITA  Mar      Italy Services PMI 
                       PMI, Services                                      54.1 
0750  FRA  Mar      France Services PMI 
                       PMI, Services                                      56.4 
0755  GER  Mar      Germany Services PMI 
                       PMI, Services                                      54.4 
0800  UK   Mar      UK monthly car registrations figures 
0800  EU   Mar      Eurozone Services PMI 
                       PMI, Services                                      55.5 
0830  UK   Mar      UK Official Reserves 
0830  UK   Mar      CIPS / Markit Services PMI 
                       PMI, Services                                      53.3 
0830  UK   Mar      Narrow money (Notes & Coin) and reserve balances 
1100  US   03/31    MBA Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey 
                       Composite Idx                                      403.6 
                       Composite Idx, W/W%                                -0.8% 
                       Purchase Idx-SA                                    238.1 
                       Purchase Idx-SA, W/W%                              +1.2% 
                       Refinance Idx                                      1327.1 
                       Refinance Idx, W/W%                                -2.9% 
1215  CAN  Mar      Official International Reserves 
                       Monetary Reserves (USD)                            -2.692B 
1215  US   Mar      ADP National Employment Report 
                       Private Sector Jobs, Net Chg            +188000    +298000 
1330  US            SEC Equity Market Structure Advisory Committee Meeting 
1345  US   Mar      US Services PMI 
                       PMI, Services                                      53.8 
1400  US   Feb      Metropolitan Area Employment & Unemployment 
1400  US   Mar      Online Help Wanted Index 
1400  US   Mar      ISM Non-Manufacturing Report on Business 
                       Non-Mfg Composite Idx                   57.1       57.6 
                       Non-Mfg Business Idx                               63.6 
                       Prices Idx                                         57.7 
                       Employment Idx                                     55.2 
                       New Orders Idx                                     61.2 
1430  US   03/31    EIA Weekly Petroleum Status Report 
                       Crude Oil Stocks (Bbl)                             533.977M 
                       Crude Oil Stocks, Net Chg (Bbl)                    +0.867M 
                       Gasoline Stocks (Bbl)                              239.721M 
                       Gasoline Stocks, Net Chg (Bbl)                     -3.747M 
                       Distillate Stocks (Bbl)                            152.91M 
                       Distillate Stocks, Net Chg (Bbl)                   -2.483M 
                       Refinery Usage                                     89.3% 
                       Total Prod Supplied (Bbl/day)                      19.874M 

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April 03, 2017 01:55 ET (05:55 GMT)

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