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G7 Political, Economic Calendar - Week Ahead -2-

30 Jul 2018 5:55 am
2301  UK   Jul      Shop Price Index 
N/A   US            U.S. Federal Open Market Committee meeting 
N/A   JPN           Bank of Japan Outlook Report 
N/A   JPN           Japan Monetary Policy Meeting decision 
                       Deposit Rate                                       -0.1% 
                       10-Yr Yield Target                                 0% 
                       Asset Purchase Target (JPY) 
Wednesday, August 1, 2018                                      Exp        Prev 
0030  JPN  Jul      Japan Manufacturing PMI 
                       PMI, Mfg                                           53.0 
0500  JPN  Jul      Auto sales 
                       Domestic Sales, Y/Y%                               -7.3% 
0600  UK   Jul      Nationwide House Price Index 
                       Price Idx, M/M%                                    +0.5% 
                       Price Idx, Y/Y%                                    +2.0% 
0745  ITA  Jul      Italy Manufacturing PMI 
                       PMI, Mfg                                           53.3 
0750  FRA  Jul      France Manufacturing PMI 
                       PMI, Mfg                                           52.5 
0755  GER  Jul      Germany Manufacturing PMI 
                       PMI, Mfg                                           55.9 
0800  EU   Jul      Eurozone Manufacturing PMI 
                       PMI, Mfg                                           54.9 
0830  UK   Jul      CIPS / Markit Manufacturing PMI 
                       PMI, Mfg                                           54.4 
0830  UK   Jul      Narrow money (Notes & Coin) and reserve balances 
1100  US   07/28    MBA Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey 
                       Composite Idx                                      362.4 
                       Composite Idx, W/W%                                -0.2% 
                       Purchase Idx-SA                                    245.5 
                       Purchase Idx-SA, W/W%                              -1.0% 
                       Refinance Idx                                      988.6 
                       Refinance Idx, W/W%                                +0.9% 
1215  US   Jul      ADP National Employment Report 
                       Private Sector Jobs, Net Chg            +180000    +177000 
1230  US            U.S. Department of the Treasury's quarterly refunding 
1330  CAN  Jul      Canada Manufacturing PMI 
1345  US   Jul      US Manufacturing PMI 
                       PMI, Mfg                                           55.4 
1400  US   Jun      Construction Spending - Construction Put in Place 
                       New Construction                        +0.3%      +0.4% 
                       Residential Construction 
1400  US   Jun      Metropolitan Area Employment & Unemployment 
1400  US   Jul      ISM Manufacturing Report on Business 
                       Manufacturing PMI                       59.3       60.2 
                       Prices Idx                                         76.8 
                       Employment Idx                                     56.0 
                       Inventories                                        50.8 
                       New Orders Idx                                     63.5 
                       Production Idx                                     62.3 
1400  US   Jul      Online Help Wanted Index 
1430  US   07/28    EIA Weekly Petroleum Status Report 
                       Crude Oil Stocks (Bbl)                             404.937M 
                       Crude Oil Stocks, Net Chg (Bbl)                    -6.147M 
                       Gasoline Stocks (Bbl)                              233.504M 
                       Gasoline Stocks, Net Chg (Bbl)                     -2.328M 
                       Distillate Stocks (Bbl)                            121.21M 
                       Distillate Stocks, Net Chg (Bbl)                   -0.101M 
                       Refinery Usage                                     93.8% 
                       Total Prod Supplied (Bbl/day)                      21.7M 
                       Total Prod Supplied, Net Chg (Bbl/day)             +0.398M 
1500  US   Jul      Global Manufacturing PMI 
                       PMI, Mfg                                           53 
1800  US            U.S. interest rate decision 
                       Federal Funds Rate 
                       Federal Funds Rate Change (Pts) 
                       Fed Funds Rate-Range High                          2.00 
                       Fed Funds Rate-Range Low                           1.75 
                       FOMC Vote For Action                               8 
                       FOMC Vote Against Action                           0 
                       Discount Rate                                      2.50 
                       Discount Rate Change (Pts)                         +0.25 
                       Discount Rate-Range High 
                       Discount Rate-Range Low 
2000  US   Jul      Domestic Auto Industry Sales 
                       Auto Sales Annualized                   17.12M     17.47M 
2350  JPN  Jul      Monetary Base 
N/A   EU            ECB Governing Council non-monetary policy meeting 
Thursday, August 2, 2018                                       Exp        Prev 
0700  GER  Q3       Ifo Economic Climate for the Euro Area 
0830  UK   Jul      CIPS / Markit Construction PMI 
0900  EU   Jun      PPI 
                       PPI, M/M%                                          +0.8% 
                       PPI, Y/Y%                                          +3.0% 
                       Ex-Energy PPI, M/M%                                +0.2% 
                       Ex-Energy PPI, Y/Y%                                +1.4% 
1000  FRA  Jun      OECD CPI 
1100  UK            Bank of England MPC meeting minutes 
                       Votes Against Rate Decision                        3 
                       Votes For Rate Decision                            6 
1100  UK            Bank of England inflation report 
1100  UK            UK interest rate decision 
                       Bank Rate                                          0.5 
                       Bank Rate-Range High 
                       Bank Rate-Range Low 
1130  US   Jul      Challenger Job-Cut Report 
                       Job Cuts, M/M%                                     +18% 
1230  US            U.S. Weekly Export Sales 
                       Corn (Metric Tons)                                 1086K 
                       Soybeans (Metric Tons)                             1501.9K 
                       Wheat (Metric Tons)                                385.9K 
1230  US   07/28    Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report - Initial Claims 
                       Jobless Claims                          220K       217K 
                       Jobless Claims, Net Chg                            +9K 
                       Continuing Claims                                  1745000 
                       Continuing Claims, Net Chg                         -8K 
1345  US   Jul      ISM-NY Report on Business 
                       Business Index                                     55.0 
1345  US            Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index 
1400  US   Jun      Manufacturers' Shipments, Inventories & Orders (M3) 
                       Total Orders, M/M%                      +0.7%      +0.4% 
                       Orders, Ex-Defense, M/M%                           -0.1% 
                       Orders, Ex-Transport, M/M%                         +0.7% 
                       Durable Goods, M/M%                                -0.6% 
                       Durable Goods, M/M%                                -0.4% 
1400  UK   Q2       Bank of England's Funding for Lending and Term Funding 
                    schemes data 
1430  US   07/27    EIA Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report 
                       Working Gas In Storage (Cbf)                       2273B 
                       Working Gas In Storage, Net Chg (Cbf)              +24B 
1800  US            SEC Closed Meeting 
2030  US            Federal Discount Window Borrowings 
2030  US            Foreign Central Bank Holdings 
2030  US            Money Stock Measures 
2350  JPN           Bank of Japan Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes 
Friday, August 3, 2018                                         Exp        Prev 
0030  JPN  Jul      Japan Services PMI 
                       PMI, Services                                      51.4 
0745  ITA  Jul      Italy Services PMI 
                       PMI, Services                                      54.3 
0750  FRA  Jul      France Services PMI 
                       PMI, Services                                      55.9 
0755  GER  Jul      Germany Services PMI 
                       PMI, Services                                      54.5 
0800  EU   Jul      Eurozone Services PMI 
                       PMI, Services                                      55.2 
0800  ITA  Jun      Industrial Production 
0830  UK   Jul      UK Official Reserves 
0830  UK   Jul      CIPS / Markit Services PMI 
                       PMI, Services                                      55.1 
0900  ITA  Jun      Retail Sales 
                       Retail Sales, M/M%                                 +0.8% 
0900  EU   Jun      Retail trade 
                       Retail Sales, M/M%                                 +0.0% 
                       Retail Sales, Y/Y%                                 +1.4% 
1215  CAN  Jul      Official International Reserves 
                       Monetary Reserves (USD)                            +988M 
1230  US   Jul      U.S. Employment Report 
                       Non-Farm Payrolls                       +188K      +213K 
                       Unemployment Rate                       3.9%       4.0% 
                       Avg Hourly Earnings (USD)                          26.98 

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July 30, 2018 01:55 ET (05:55 GMT)

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