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G7 Political, Economic Calendar - Week Ahead -2-

7 Nov 2017 6:55 am
N/A   US            United Nations System Chief Executives Board for Coordination 
                    meeting concludes 
N/A   EU            EU consultation deadline on lowering fingerprint age for 
                    child Schengen applicants 
N/A   EU            EU autumn economic forecasts 
Friday, November 10, 2017                                      Exp        Prev 
0430  JPN  Sep      Tertiary Industry Index 
0745  FRA  Q3       Flash estimate of job creation 
0745  FRA  Sep      Industrial production index 
                       Industrial Production, M/M%             +0.5%      -0.3% 
0900  ITA  Sep      Industrial Production 
0930  UK   Sep      UK trade 
                       Global Goods-SA (GBP)                   -13.1B     -14.2B 
                       Non-EU Goods-SA (GBP)                              -5.8B 
0930  UK   Sep      Index of production 
                       Indus Prod, Rolling 3-Mos %Chg                     +0.9% 
                       Indus Prod, M/M%                        +0.3%      +0.2% 
                       Indus Prod, Y/Y%                        +2.0%      +1.6% 
                       Mfg Output, Rolling 3-Mos %Chg                     +0.7% 
                       Mfg Output, M/M%                        +0.4%      +0.4% 
                       Mfg Output, Y/Y%                        +2.5%      +2.8% 
1000  FRA           OECD Health at a Glance report launch 
1300  UK   Oct      NIESR Monthly GDP Estimates 
1500  US   Nov      University of Michigan Survey of Consumers - preliminary 
                       Mid-Mo Sentiment                        100.0      101.1 
                       Mid-Mo Expectations                                91.3 
                       Mid-Mo Current Idx                                 116.4 
1900  CAN           Bank of Canada Weekly Financial Statistics 
N/A   US            U.S. Veterans Day observed by Federal employees 
N/A   GER  Sep      Balance of Payments 
                       Current Account (EUR)                              17.8B 
N/A   EU            EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting on trade 
Saturday, November 11, 2017                                    Exp        Prev 
N/A   CAN           Canada: Remembrance Day 
N/A   US            U.S. Veterans Day 
N/A   US            Marianas: Veterans' Day 
N/A   FRA           France: Armistice Day 
Sunday, November 12, 2017                                      Exp        Prev 
2350  JPN  Oct      Corporate Goods Price Index 
Monday, November 13, 2017                                      Exp        Prev 
0001  UK   Nov      Rightmove Monthly House Price Index 
                       House Prices, M/M%                                 +1.1% 
                       House Prices Y/Y%                                  +1.4% 
0010  JPN           FRB Philadelphia President Patrick Harker speaks in Tokyo 
0101  UK   Oct      UK Regional PMI 
0600  JPN  Oct      Preliminary Machine Tool Orders 
                       Tool Orders Est, Y/Y%                              +45.3% 
0900  EU   Oct      Long term interest rates statistics 
1000  GER  Q4       Ifo World Economic Climate 
1100  FRA  Sep      OECD Harmonised Unemployment Rates 
1900  US   Oct      Monthly Treasury Statement of Receipts & Outlays of the U.S. 
1900  US            Irish Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe discusses 'The 
                    Challenge of Brexit' in Washington, DC 
N/A   EU            European Parliament plenary session opens 
N/A   JPN           Trump continues Philippines visit as part of Asia trip 
N/A   UK            Theresa May delivers her annual Lord Mayor's Banquet speech 
N/A   EU            EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting 
Tuesday, November 14, 2017                                     Exp        Prev 
0430  JPN  Sep      Revised Retail Sales 
0700  GER  Q3       GDP - 1st release 
                       GDP-Adj, Q/Q%                                      +0.6% 
                       GDP-Adj, Y/Y%                                      +2.1% 
0700  GER  Oct      CPI 
                       Overall CPI, M/M%                                  +0.1% 
                       Overall Index, Y/Y%                                +1.8% 
0900  ITA  Q3       GDP preliminary estimate 
                       GDP, Y/Y%                                          +1.5% 
                       GDP, Q/Q%                                          +0.4% 
0900  FRA  Nov      IEA Oil Market Report 
0930  UK   Sep      UK House Price Index 
0930  UK   Sep      Mortgage Lending Trends statistics 
0930  UK   Oct      UK monthly inflation figures 
                       CPI, M/M%                                          +0.3% 
                       CPI, Y/Y%                                          +3.0% 
                       Core CPI, M/M%                                     +0.2% 
                       Core CPI, Y/Y%                                     +2.7% 
                       Retail Price Idx, M/M%                             +0.1% 
                       Retail Price Idx, Y/Y%                             +3.9% 
0930  UK   Oct      UK producer prices 
                       Core Output PPI, M/M%                              +0.0% 
                       Core Output PPI, Y/Y%                              +2.5% 
                       Input PPI, M/M%                                    +0.4% 
                       Input PPI, Y/Y%                                    +8.4% 
                       Output PPI, M/M%                                   +0.2% 
                       Output PPI, Y/Y%                                   +3.3% 
1000  ITA  Oct      CPI 
1000  GER  Nov      ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment 
                       Current Conditions                                 87.0 
                       Economic Expectations                              17.6 
1000  EU   Sep      Industrial Production 
                       Indus Output, M/M%                                 +1.4% 
                       Indus Output, Y/Y%                                 +3.8% 
1000  EU   Q3       Flash Estimate GDP 
                       GDP, Q/Q%                                          +0.6% 
                       GDP, Y/Y%                                          +2.2% 
1245  US   11/11    The Retail Economist/Goldman Sachs Weekly Chain Store Sales 
                       Chain Store Sales, W/W% 
                       Chain Store Sales, M/M% 
1315  US            FRB St. Louis President James Bullard speaks at an Economic 
                    Update Breakfast 
1330  US   Oct      PPI 
                       PPI, M/M%                                          +0.4% 
                       Ex-Food & Energy PPI, M/M%                         +0.4% 
                       Personal Consumption                               +0.5% 
1355  US   11/11    Johnson Redbook Retail Sales Index 
                       Ret Sales Mo-to-Date, M/M% 
                       Ret Sales Mo-to-Date, Y/Y% 
                       Latest Wk, Y/Y% 
2130  US   11/10    API Weekly Statistical Bulletin 
                       Crude Stocks, Net Chg (Bbls) 
                       Gasoline Stocks, Net Chg (Bbls) 
                       Distillate Stocks, Net Chg (Bbls) 
                       Refinery Runs 
2350  JPN  Q3       1st Preliminary Quarterly GDP Estimates 
                       Real GDP, Q/Q%                                     +1.0% 
                       Real GDP-Annualized                                +4.0% 
                       Nominal GDP, Q/Q%                                  +1.1% 
                       Nominal GDP-Annualized                             +4.6% 
                       Domestic Demnd-Pct Pts Contrib To                  +1.3% 
                       External Demnd-Pct Pts Contrib To                  -0.3% 
                       Private Inv-Pct Pts Contrib To Growth              +0.0% 
                       Private Consumption, Q/Q %                         +0.9% 
                       Private Capital Outlays , Q/Q%                     +2.4% 
                       Public Fixed Investment, Q/Q%                      +5.1% 
                       Deflator, Y/Y%                                     -0.4% 
N/A   US            Trump concludes Hawaii / Japan / South Korea / China / 
                    Vietnam / Philippines trip 
N/A   EU            European Parliament plenary session continues 

(END) Dow Jones Newswires

November 07, 2017 01:55 ET (06:55 GMT)

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