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G7 Political, Economic Calendar - Week Ahead -2-

22 Sep 2017 5:55 am
                       Durable Goods-SA, M/M%                             -6.8% 
                       Dur Goods, Ex-Defense, M/M%                        -7.8% 
                       Dur Goods, Ex-Transport, M/M%                      +0.5% 
                       Orders: Cap Gds, Non-Def, Ex-Air, M/M%             +0.4% 
                       Shipmnts: Cap Gds, Non-Def, Ex-Air,                +1.0% 
1230  US   Q2       U.S. International Investment Position 
1300  US            IMF World Economic Outlook analytical chapters published 
1315  US            Neel Kashkari speaks at Tribal Community Perspectives on 
                    Higher Education event 
1400  US   Aug      Metropolitan Area Employment & Unemployment 
1400  US   Aug      Pending Home Sales Index 
                       Pending Home Sales                                 109.1 
                       Pending Home Sales Idx, M/M%                       -0.8% 
                       Pending Home Sales Idx , Y/Y%                      -1.3% 
1430  US   09/22    EIA Weekly Petroleum Status Report 
                       Crude Oil Stocks (Bbl)                             472.832M 
                       Crude Oil Stocks, Net Chg (Bbl)                    +4.591M 
                       Gasoline Stocks (Bbl)                              216.185M 
                       Gasoline Stocks, Net Chg (Bbl)                     -2.125M 
                       Distillate Stocks (Bbl)                            138.859M 
                       Distillate Stocks, Net Chg (Bbl)                   -5.693M 
                       Refinery Usage                                     83.2% 
                       Total Prod Supplied (Bbl/day)                      20.443M 
                       Total Prod Supplied, Net Chg (Bbl/day)             +0.728M 
1600  CAN           Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz speaks at the St. 
                    John's Board of Trade event 
1715  UK            IoD Business Leaders Dinner with Bank of England Monetary 
                    Policy Committee Member Ian McCafferty 
1730  US            FRB St. Louis President James Bullard speaks at a Truman 
                    State University event 
2130  US            Federal Reserve Bank of Boston President Eric Rosengren 
                    speaks at Money Marketeers event 
2301  UK   Aug      UK monthly automotive manufacturing figures 
2350  JPN  Sep      Provisional Trade Statistics for 1st 10 days of Month 
Thursday, September 28, 2017                                   Exp        Prev 
0030  JPN  Aug      Detailed Import & Export Statistics 
0600  GER  Oct      GfK consumer climate survey 
                       Consumer Conf Idx                                  10.9 
0645  FRA  Aug      Housing starts 
0700  GER  Sep      Saxony CPI 
                       CPI, M/M%                                          +0.2% 
                       CPI, Y/Y%                                          +1.9% 
0800  GER  Sep      Hesse CPI 
                       CPI, M/M%                                          +0.0% 
                       CPI, Y/Y%                                          +1.8% 
0800  GER  Sep      Brandenburg CPI 
                       CPI, M/M%                                          +0.1% 
                       CPI, Y/Y%                                          +1.8% 
0800  GER  Sep      Bavaria CPI 
                       CPI, M/M%                                          +0.2% 
                       CPI, Y/Y%                                          +1.8% 
0830  GER  Sep      North Rhine Westphalia CPI 
                       CPI, M/M%                                          +0.1% 
                       CPI, Y/Y%                                          +1.9% 
0900  EU   Sep      Business & Consumer Surveys - Business Climate Indicator & 
                    Economic Sentiment Indicator 
                       Business Climate Idx                               1.09 
                       Consumer Conf Idx                                  -1.5 
                       Econ Sent Idx                                      111.9 
                       Indus Conf Idx                                     5.1 
                       Services Conf Idx                                  14.9 
0900  GER           Ifo Joint Economic Forecast of German economic research 
1200  GER  Sep      Provisional CPI 
                       CPI, M/M%                                          +0.1% 
                       Overall Index, Y/Y%                                +1.8% 
                       EU-Harmonized, M/M%                                +0.2% 
                       EU-Harmonized CPI, Y/Y%                            +1.8% 
1230  US   Aug      Advance Economic Indicators Report 
1230  US   09/23    Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report - Initial Claims 
                       Jobless Claims                                     259K 
                       Jobless Claims, Net Chg                            -23K 
                       Continuing Claims                                  1980000 
                       Continuing Claims, Net Chg                         +44K 
1230  US            U.S. Weekly Export Sales 
                       Corn (Metric Tons)                                 734.2K 
                       Soybeans (Metric Tons) 
                       Wheat (Metric Tons)                                633.6K 
1230  CAN  Jul      Payroll employment, earnings & hours 
1230  US   Q2       Revised Corporate Profits 
1230  US   Q2       3rd estimate GDP 
                       Annual Rate, Q/Q%                                  +3.0% 
                       Chain-Weighted Price Idx, Q/Q%                     +1.0% 
                       Corporate Profits, Q/Q%                            -1.4% 
                       PCE Price Idx, Q/Q%                                +0.3% 
                       Purchase Price Idx, Q/Q%                           +0.8% 
                       Real Final Sales, Q/Q%                             +3.0% 
                       Core PCE Price Idx, Ex Food/Energy,                +0.9% 
                       Personal Consumption, Q/Q%                         +3.3% 
1300  US            U.S. SEC Chairman Jay Clayton speaks at 'Perspectives on 
                    Securities Regulation' event 
1330  US            IMF regular press briefing 
1345  US            Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index 
1430  US   09/22    EIA Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report 
                       Working Gas In Storage (Cbf)                       3408B 
                       Working Gas In Storage, Net Chg (Cbf)              +97B 
1500  US   Sep      Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Survey of Tenth District 
                       Mfg Activity Idx                                   22 
                       6-Mo Exp Prod Idx                                  38 
                       Mfg Composite Idx                                  16 
                       6-Mo Exp Composite Idx                             23 
1800  CAN  Sep      Bank of Canada Banking and Financial Statistics 
1900  US   Sep      Agricultural Prices 
                       Farm Prices, M/M%                                  -2.9% 
2030  US            Foreign Central Bank Holdings 
2030  US            Federal Discount Window Borrowings 
2030  US            Money Stock Measures 
2301  UK   Sep      Hometrack UK Cities House Price Index 
2301  UK   Sep      UK Consumer Confidence Survey 
                       Consumer Conf Idx                                  -10 
2330  JPN  Aug      Labour Force Survey 
                       Jobless Rate                                       2.8% 
2330  JPN  Aug      Household Spending 
                       Wage-Earner Spending, Y/Y%                         +1.5% 
                       All Household, Y/Y%                                -0.2% 
                       Propensity to Consume, Y/Y (Pts)                   -0.4 
                       Propensity to Consume-Adj, %                       64.2% 
2330  JPN  Aug      CPI (Nation), CPI ex-food (Nation) 
                       Japan Core CPI, Y/Y%                               +0.5% 
                       National Overall CPI, Y/Y%                         +0.4% 
                       National Overall CPI, M/M%                         +0.0% 
2330  JPN  Sep      CPI (Tokyo), CPI ex-Food (Tokyo) 
                       Tokyo Core CPI, Y/Y%                               +0.4% 
                       Tokyo Overall CPI, Y/Y%                            +0.5% 
                       Tokyo Overall CPI, M/M%                            +0.2% 
2350  JPN  Aug      Preliminary Retail Sales 
                       Retail Sales, Y/Y%                                 +1.9% 
                       Large-Scale Retail Sales, Y/Y%                     -0.2% 
2350  JPN  Aug      Preliminary Industrial Production 
                       Indus Output, M/M%                                 -0.8% 
                       Inventory/Shipment Ratio, M/M%                     +2.4% 
                       Shipments, M/M%                                    -0.7% 
                       Inventories, M/M%                                  -1.2% 
                       Indus Output Mo-Ahead Forecast                     +6.0% 
                       Indus Output 2-Mo Forecast                         -3.1% 
                       Indus Output 3-Mo Forecast 
2350  JPN           Bank of Japan's Summary of Opinions 
N/A   FRA           OECD Entrepreneurship at a Glance annual report launch 
N/A   GER  Sep      Baden-Wuerttemberg CPI 
                       CPI, M/M%                                          +0.1% 
                       CPI, Y/Y%                                          +1.9% 
N/A   FRA           OECD Steel Committee Meeting 
N/A   JPN           Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda speaks at the National 
                    Securities Industry Convention 

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September 22, 2017 01:55 ET (05:55 GMT)

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