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Brazil Cotton Weather - Jul 26

26 Jul 2018 6:40 am
Brazil Coffee/Citrus/Cane... 
    Dry conditions. Temperatures near to above normal. 
Coffee/Citrus/Cane Forecast.... 
    Dry weather through Sunday. Dry conditions or just a few light showers 
Monday-Tuesday. Temperatures near to above normal through Monday, variable 
    Rain is needed to support cotton in West Texas. Little is expected during 
the next 7 days. More moderate temperatures this week will ease stress to 
irrigated cotton. 
    Favorable weather for developing cotton in the Delta and Southeast states. 
    No significant concerns for the harvest of cotton in eastern Australia at 
this time. 
    Extreme heat in cotton areas of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan 
(Former Soviet Union) at this time. Hot, dry weather may be unfavorable for 
flowering cotton. However, the hottest temperatures may ease somewhat at the 
end of this week. 
    Western China cotton areas continue a recent drier and warm to hot trend at 
this time. This will favor the mostly irrigated crop, after earlier wet and 
cool conditions. A warm to hot period on the North China Plain will favor 
developing cotton during the past week. Rain moved through eastern areas early 
this week. 
    Hot temperatures and increasing shower activity will favor development of 
irrigated cotton in northwest India. Thunderstorm activity in Pakistan has been 
rather limited but some rain fell in the mountains which should improve 
irrigation supplies. Increasing shower and thunderstorms activity through 
west-central India should encourage increased planting of this crop and favor 
early development. 
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July 26, 2018 02:40 ET (06:40 GMT)
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