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Argentina Winter Wheat Weather - Jun 27

27 Jun 2018 5:05 am
Argentina Corn, Soybeans and Wheat... 
Cordoba, Santa Fe, North Buenos Aires 
La Pampa, South Buenos Aires 
    Some disruptions to the wheat harvest in the southern plains at this time.. 
    Favorable conditions for developing spring wheat in the northern plains. 
    Scattered showers and a variable temperature pattern mostly favors 
developing wheat in the Prairies, however some locations are still too dry 
while some are very wet. 
    Prospects for winter wheat in Ukraine and south Russia remains good but has 
declined from earlier in the spring due to well above normal temperatures and 
well below normal rainfall. Spring wheat areas from the Volga valley through 
Siberia and northern Kazakh continue behind normal due to early season wet and 
cool conditions. Planting of spring wheat in Siberia may not be completed due 
to the lateness of the season. 
    Mostly favorable conditions for filling to maturing winter wheat in Europe 
at this time. A turn to hot, dry weather in Spain and Portugal will favor the 
harvest. Dryness during the spring has likely impacted winter wheat prospects 
in north-central and northeast Europe and Scandinavia. Dryness may also impact 
spring wheat in these locations. 
    Prior drier, warm to hot weather across the North China Plain favored 
mature winter wheat and harvesting. However, early this week thunderstorms hit 
some wheat areas...likely impacting the harvest. 
    A continued below normal rainfall pattern in northern New South Wales and 
southern Queensland increases the risk to winter wheat in the region. The 
forecast does include the chance for needed rain to occur early this week but 
if this chance fails there does not appear to be another chance on the horizon. 
Rain is also needed in West and southeast Australia but these areas have had 
some moisture recently and should be doing ok at the moment. 

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June 27, 2018 01:05 ET (05:05 GMT)
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